Pex Pals Episode 20 - Tips & Tricks, SEER review, 'Emergence' Map & Weapon changes recap/feelings + more!

Season 1 | Episode 20
48m | Aug 10, 2021

Episode 20 is here! We never thought we'd get this far so thank you all for listening and/or watching, join Joel and Calvin on their latest episode of Pex Pals. For this 20th EP we talk some more Tips & Tricks from Joel as well as Calvin's Weapon of the week, Joel drop an ISANE play he pulled off earlier this week, we reviewer Seer and his abilities and the different playstyles he brings with him, we talk the World's Edge map changes and we what love and hate about them, discuss our love and the benefits of the Prowler being back, ask where our VALK mains have gone, talk weapon changes, the new L-star and the either loved or hated new RAMPAGE LMG! 

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