Strictly Forbidden Flavors

Welcome to Forbidden Flavors. A spin-off segment of Flavor in Your Ear podcast that covers Sex, relationships and deeper topics. Tune into the conversations and fun of Marques & Zoned tackling those naughty topics and giving some lessons to keep your sex life always with no filter!


Who defines what beauty is? 3/3
Show Details20min 47s
Is the word SIMP actually hater terminology? 2/3
Show Details32min 27s
Is Forgive & Forget actually true? Part 1
Show Details57min 19s
Wine O Clock With the Sistas 2/3 X-RATED
Show Details32min 10s
Signs of Red Flags & Why are you eating ass? Part 2/2
Show Details41min 38s
Signs of Red Flags & Why Are you eating Ass? Part 1/2
Show Details31min 13s
Dishonesty, Disrespect or Arrogance? Part 2/2
Show Details21min 7s
Dishonesty, Disrespect or Arrogance? Part 1/2
Show Details28min
Delete those dirty Videos & texts if they belong to your EX!
Show Details32min 35s
Delete those Dirty Vids & texts, if they are with your EX!
Show Details30min 7s
Closet Freaks ,Freaky Shooters & Nipple play
Show Details49min 35s
Flavor Rant
Show Details21min 42s
Weekly Wisdom Crossover Flavor drop
Show Details32min 21s
Give Head or Behead your relationship.
Show Details23min 2s
Forbidden Spooky Meet N Greet
Show Details40min 1s
Forbidden Flavors Prelude Part 2
Show Details41min 1s
Forbidden Flavors Prelude Part 1
Show Details25min 28s