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Bruh Issa Murder

 If you've ever found yourself at the very end of a house party, in the grips of a deep conversation with friends too late at night, then you'll likely feel at home with this Bruh Issa Murder! Bruh Issa Murder is a podcast covering true crime cases of color. Join Andre, Battle, Kelly, and Robert; as we detail and provide commentary on the most shocking case and the social issues that factor into them. From injustices to cold cases, Join the gang every Tuesday wherever you get podcasts! xoxo kisses from the homies


Track 14: Does America Have A Mass Shooting Problem? FT Lone Wild
Show Details54min 24s
Track 13: Iceberg Part 2 Ft Milano
Show Details1hr 6min
Track 12: Unsolved POC Iceberg Ft These Nuts
Show Details34min 2s
Interlude Ft Expand by NM
Show Details7min 40s
Track 11: Social Media Crimes
Show Details53min 22s
Interlude FT jaylikethealphabet
Show Details7min 38s
Track 10: AAPIH FT Baer
Show Details32min 18s
Track 9: The Buffalo Ny Shooter Ft Moarn
Show Details21min 39s
Interlude Ft JSquared
Show Details34min 9s
Track 8: Dusting off Cold Case ft Icarus
Show Details42min 41s
Interlude: Christian Obumseli & Ariel Maynor FT Frank Bentley
Show Details11min 55s
Track 7: SunDown Towns
Show Details28min 35s
Interlude: My Survivors Voice Ft The Wildcardz
Show Details34min 19s
Track 6: FBI Most Wanted Ft Roy Young
Show Details42min 29s
Show Details11min 25s
Track 5: A Very Paranormal Crime
Show Details29min 40s
Show Details14min 51s
Track 4: Weird Crimes Ft Affirmative Murder
Show Details54min 29s
Track 3: Why Isn't This Trending FT Almost Weekend
Show Details38min 28s
Track 2: Case Submissions Ft Living Room
Show Details57min 19s
Track 1: Its the History For Me Ft Emilia-Ali
Show Details1hr 2min
Travis Scott And The Big Ole Satan FT Della
Show Details19min 51s
Track 13: Za'Zell Preston FT Freddy Vs
Show Details21min 17s
Track 12: Black Serial Killers 2: Baasik
Show Details1hr 4min
Track: 11 Black Serial Killers
Show Details1hr 6min
Track 10: Real Hot Witch Shit ft Sarah Angel
Show Details57min 38s
Line The Pipeline
Show Details38min 14s
Track 9: The Vanished FT Dimitrix
Show Details53min 17s
Track 8: Crusty, Dusty, Musty, History: Basic
Show Details44min 25s
Track: 7 Unsolved Ft Saint Mesa
Show Details49min 49s
Track 6: Scammer Or Kidnapper Ft LightsBoys
Show Details18min 49s
Track 5: Conspiracy ft Sarah Kang
Show Details1hr 10min
Track 4: True Crime Iceberg FT Lets Get Dark
Show Details1hr 15min
Track 3: Save Our Children FT Ofrin
Show Details44min 45s
Track 2: Killer Cops
Show Details46min 9s
Track 1: Prison Murders Ft WEARETHEGOOD
Show Details57min 6s
Prison Murders
Show Details57min 6s
Lets Talk About The Chauvin Trial Because whew, Chile
Show Details25min 56s
Everyone's A Suspect
Show Details40min 7s
Track 11: Justice Ft Katrina Stone
Show Details42min 47s
Stop AAPI Hate
Show Details31min 43s
Track 10: Injustice Ft Yanivi
Show Details34min 20s
Track 9: Found FT: Jenny Penkin
Show Details35min 44s
Minicast Ft Litos
Show Details10min 15s
Track 8: Offbeat Crimes Ft Selamo
Show Details32min 3s
Minicast Ft Big Mood Attitude
Show Details7min 16s
Track 7: Missing Ft Ateller
Show Details38min 32s
MiniCast Japanese Twitter Killer
Show Details6min 34s
Track 6: Infamous FT Sarah Kang
Show Details26min 41s
Track 5: History FT Assaf Ayalon
Show Details42min 50s
Minicast: Case Update
Show Details6min 18s
Minicast: Soulji Boy Did WHAT?!?!? AGAIN?!!?!??
Show Details4min
Minicast: Tv Network Killer?
Show Details2min 51s
Track 4: Conspiracy FT Skipp Whitman
Show Details51min 1s
Track 3: Betrayal ft WEARETHEGOOD
Show Details40min 28s
Bruh Issa Murder
Show Details1min 12s
Track 2: Mystery FT Hot Rod Elegants
Show Details33min 48s
Track 1: Murder FT Jane The Boy
Show Details34min 53s
Bruh Issa Murder Xmas Special Ft Four People Who Personally Don't Celebrate But You Do You, Sis
Show Details49min 26s
Episode 60: Asia Cowell & Isabel Pedroza FT DKING
Show Details33min 46s
Bruh Issa Artist: Two Hour Shower
Show Details51min 37s
Episode 59: A Serial Killers Confession That Freed A Man & Zakieya Latrice AVERY FT Two Hour Shower
Show Details31min 1s
Episode 58: Bobby Charles & Staff Sergeant Johnson
Show Details31min 22s
Episode 57: The Moore Family Bombing & Brandy Odom FT Dyllan
Show Details32min 38s
Episode 56: The Diol Family &.Appalachian School of Law shooting FT Davis Absolute
Show Details30min 37s
Charlie Chop Off
Show Details32min 34s
Episode 54: Mary London & Chadwick Banks FT D-Fine-US
Show Details34min 13s
Episode 53: Cherica Adams & Abbienna Williams FT ZIV
Show Details31min 34s
Episode 52: Kenneth Williams
Show Details38min 21s
Episode 51: Micheal Williams & Ruby McCollum FT Denitia
Show Details41min 38s
Episode 50: The Disappearances of Alzono Brooks & Mitrice Richardson ft Ryan Prewatt
Show Details41min 13s
Weird Crime and the Return to OZ
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 49: Amiya Braxton & The Infamous Rodney King Case
Show Details34min 38s
The Grim Sleeper
Show Details39min 42s
Episode 47: Gizzell Ford & Jovonie McLendon Jr FT Envy
Show Details39min 16s
Episode 46: Kiahnna Hawkins & Tynisha Ysais
Show Details29min 40s
The Zebra Killings
Show Details39min 42s
Minisode: Justice for Cannon & The Killer Historian
Show Details23min
Episode 44: Precious Doe & Leneesha Columbus
Show Details32min 28s
Episode 43: William Garrison and Latashea Armstrong FT Lance Concord
Show Details33min 59s
We Talkin Bout Prison
Show Details46min 24s
Episode 41: Kimberly Arrington and Chavis Carter
Show Details29min 49s
Episode 40: Justice For Yasime Jackson and Laquan McDonald
Show Details33min 57s
Sunday Morning Slasher
Show Details41min 16s
Episode 38 The Life of “Elijah McClain” and The Disappearance of Asha Degree
Show Details45min 9s
Episode 37 Tony Mcade & Barry “BJ” Brooks
Show Details31min 44s
Victims of Injustice: Black Lives Matter
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 36: Justice For Paul Fyffe and Prison For Officer Berry
Show Details32min 38s
Episode 35 Too Many Black Men Wrongfully Imprisoned
Show Details30min 41s
Episode: 34 Justice For Ahumad Abery & Sean Reed FT Sir Quilt
Show Details49min 44s
Episode 33: Nashika Bramble And The Cult That Killed Her Kids
Show Details45min 41s
Episode 32: Clementine Barnabet Ft Orkas
Show Details20min 14s
Episode 31: The Death of Kenneka Jenkins FT Walls
Show Details25min 20s
Episode 30: Who Killed Taylor Williams FT Mythologica
Show Details19min 49s
Episode 29: Justice for Joshua ft La Promesa
Show Details43min 49s
Episode 28: A Racial Motivated Stabbing and a Toilet paper Brawl
Show Details12min 19s
Episode 27: Ford height Four and the Beyonce the car thief ft These nuts
Show Details12min 23s
Dumb Crimes True Crimes
Show Details31min 39s
Episode 26: A Serial Killer, A Runway, And Dumb Would Be Killer
Show Details37min 11s
Episode 25: Halloween Special! FT Vic Sage
Show Details20min 47s
Episode 24: Atatiana Jefferson & Ismael Lopez ft Katz
Show Details39min 18s
Episode 23: Khaseen Morris, Sandra Coke, and Jean Botham Update FT Def Manic
Show Details40min 28s
Episode 22: Milton Green & The Tinder Killer FT Roza
Show Details36min 3s
Episode 21: Latasha Harlins& Jerry Davis Ft K. Sparksjerry Davis
Show Details45min 56s
Episode 20: Cyntoia Brown & Chrystul Kizer Ft Sarah Angel
Show Details30min 56s
Dumb Crimes Of The Week FT MARLOE
Show Details31min 38s
Episode 19: James Byrd Jr, Quasean Trotter, & case update FT Egozi
Show Details28min 32s
Dumb Crimes Of The Week FT Seth Power
Show Details36min 31s
Episode 18: Sijeria Parks& Rebecca Zahau plus a bonus case Ft Lil Saint
Show Details36min 55s
Episode 17: Marielle Franco & Renee Bach FT The Internet
Show Details44min 58s
Crappypasta: Stalker
Show Details32min 23s
Episode 16: Muhlaysia Booker & Everett Palmer Jr.
Show Details38min 41s
Episode 15: Aiyanna Jones & Andreen McDonald FT Twakky
Show Details39min 57s
Crappypasta: Apartment For Rent
Show Details32min 26s
Episode 14: Faith Hedgepeth & Gery Heidink The MurderFt Jnixx
Show Details49min 14s
Crappypasta Dont Sleep
Show Details20min 52s
Episode 13: Ferguson Murders & Renee Davis FT RVNNU
Show Details41min 27s
The Mad King
Show Details8min 14s
Episode 12: Tamla Horsford & Emantic Fitzgerald Bradford Ft Knives
Show Details33min
CrappyPasta: Daddy's Book
Show Details12min 4s
Episode 11-Treme Shootings & Marcus Smiths Death In Police Custody
Show Details24min 53s
Bruh Issa Artist Vado And two Hour Shower
Show Details42min 51s
Episode 10: Kevin Cooper Chino Hill Murders PT 2 & American Eagle Murder
Show Details32min 15s
Crappypasta: Day AT The Zoo
Show Details18min 17s
Episode 9: LaVar Watson & Chino Hills Murders
Show Details30min 39s
Episode 8: Ryan Singleton & Karima Gordon
Show Details53min 48s
CrappyPasta FT YVNGSNO
Show Details11min 39s
Episode 7: Case Update
Show Details21min 10s
Episode 6: India Monroe & Black Wall Street
Show Details45min 48s
Crappypasta: Bitten
Show Details10min 55s
Episode 5: Rosa Garica& Marvin Anderson
Show Details38min 51s
Crappypasta The Riot Part 2
Show Details11min 19s
Episode 4: Taylor Bins & Sam Little FT Sean Michael
Show Details31min 34s
Episode 3: Sada Abe And Michelle Wynn
Show Details24min 39s
CrappyPasta Minisode Riot PT 1
Show Details10min 15s
Episode 2: Ruby Doss & D'lisa Kelly
Show Details43min 55s
Episode 1: The Death Of Gemmel Moore
Show Details13min 57s