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The Actor's Blueprint

Your work, your way.


34. No One Way
Show Details3min 58s
33. Tumbleweed
Show Details4min 8s
32. A Horse Named Zeus
Show Details5min 37s
31. Convert Curiosity
Show Details5min 40s
30. Less Than
Show Details3min 47s
29. What Works For You
Show Details12min 35s
28. Trust The Sprouts
Show Details4min 14s
27. Hermit Crabs
Show Details4min 2s
26. Actually Get Results
Show Details7min 56s
25. Do Nothing
Show Details14min 29s
24. Do Less Better
Show Details10min 20s
23. Advice On Auditioning Confidently
Show Details11min 40s
22. Rufus
Show Details4min 22s
21. Build An Actor
Show Details4min 19s
20. Why Bother?
Show Details4min 13s
19. Game of Opportunities
Show Details9min 20s
18. Practice Better
Show Details11min 19s
17. Build Interview
Show Details23min 13s
16. Places You'll Go
Show Details10min 42s
15. Find Comfort in the Chaos
Show Details13min 5s
14. Behave Like a Pro
Show Details9min 57s
13. Start at the End
Show Details7min 29s
12. Your Secret Sauce
Show Details4min 15s
11. How To Be More Talented
Show Details11min 3s
10. Screw Maximising Efficiency
Show Details3min 51s
9. Joy of Process
Show Details5min 25s
8. Networking for Dummies
Show Details6min 18s
7. Prada Bling Bling
Show Details3min 1s
6. 346 Auditions
Show Details54s
5. What Drama School Never Gave Me
Show Details16min 29s
4. Do It Yourself
Show Details2min 32s
3. Thank You, Baba
Show Details1min 50s
2. Giving Up
Show Details7min 44s
1. Start Again
Show Details9min 6s