• Episode Seven: Return of the Kings and Narcolepsy

    In this episode, THE TRIO IS BACK!! Gabe talks about his reason for taking a break, EJ explains his adventures in the renaissance, and Dylan almost falls asleep! That and more is this exciting new installment.

    For Business Inquiries Only - fryer.side.trio@gmail.com

    15m - Dec 2, 2021
  • Episode Six: Super Mario... Recast?!

    EJ, Dylan, and Gabe are unhappy about the recent announcement of upcoming animated Super Mario Bros. movie cast. So they made their own.

    42m - Oct 3, 2021
  • Episode Five: Dylan's (literal) Soapbox

    In this episode, Dylan rants about his experience with the "Devious Lick" trend.

    Business Inquires: fryer.side.trio@gmail.com

    38m - Sep 22, 2021
  • Episode Four: THE END!! Of Lactose Matriarch

    In this episode, Dylan and Gabe recount the events that have led to the "Fryer Side Single" Later they discuss their gaming "backlogs"

    Business Inquires: fryer.side.trio@gmail.com

    37m - Sep 8, 2021
  • Episode Three: Back to School

    In this episode, Gabe and Dylan talk about the beginning of their junior year, while EJ talks about college life so far.

    Edited by Gabe Schmucker

    Intro Music Created By Jayden Borkholder

    fryer.side.trio@gmail.com for business inquires

    25m - Aug 31, 2021
  • YIAY The Board Game: Game Night Episode 1

    In this special episode, EJ and Dylan compete in a "Impress The Host" style game called "Yesterday I Asked You: The Bored Game"

    Best if viewed on YouTube: https://youtu.be/ozEBP2JzdsA

    19m - Aug 28, 2021
  • Episode Two: TVs and Nerf

    In this episode, Dylan talks about his TV problems, later we talk about Nerf products.

    26m - Jul 31, 2021
  • Episode One: Introduction and F9

    In this episode, Gabe, EJ, and Dylan introduce themselves, later they discuss F9.

    21m - Jul 21, 2021
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