72. “Relationship Gems you might’ve missed”

48m | Sep 6, 2022

Something new, something different! I know how it is to be busy and miss out on things that I'd normally have as part of my routine. So I'm sure you can relate to that, which is why I created a little recap of some relationship gems that I didn't want you to miss from Season 2. Also, I intro this episode with some amazing life updates that I really wanted to share with you! Enjoy this episode and let me know what your favorite gem was!

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00:12:50:19 Ep. 12- How does I guy get ready for a relationship? Dating online. Staying in a relationship for potential

00:19:22:18 Ep. 19- A great model to understand if you’re in a reward state or a threat state.

00:23:01:15 Ep. 11- Why do Men get married? Is it timing or true Love? The ego can't live in Love.

00:32:17:19 Ep. 5- Stop taking accountability for things you’re not responsible for. Say YES to you and NO to them.

00:38:39:12 Ep. 20- Reassurance in your relationship. “Love Box” game concept that helped us in our marriage.

00:42:56:04 Ep. 7- Letting your partner in.

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