64. “I’m at the Biggest Crossroad of my Life. Especially in my Relationship"

36m | May 17, 2022

Talk about leading by example! You all know by now, how much I preach Vulnerability is brave & necessary... Well, I am every bit of that word in this episode! I decided to read my latest journal entry for all to hear. If this isn't vulnerable & brave, I give up lol. Why share such personal information? Because I feel like I'm at the point in my life where I've had enough experiences and knowledge to be able to make the necessary choices to receive all that I desire. Sounds easy right? It's anything but that! However, I feel like I finally know why this struggle is so real for me. I've been leading with FEAR instead of Love this entire time! This and so much more in this loaded episode! Thank you for taking the time and holding space for me, as I work through this thing called life.


00:06:33 Sharing my Personal journal entry with you

Leading with Fear with Shay

22:00:00 Leading with FEAR with my Daughter

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