• POTS Wellness- POTS, MCAS and EDS ft. Dr. Anjali Agarwal

    Delve into the notorious trifecta of Dysautonomia/POTS, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (Connective Tissues Disorder) and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Topic is briefed by Dr. Agarwal followed by patient Q&A.

    E2 - 1h 14m - Nov 14, 2021
  • POTS Wellness- Nutrition and Fitness ft. Dr. Anjali Agarwal

    POTS Wellness Clubhouse Interactive Presentation. This ASK THE EXPERT segment explores the current strategies POTS and EDS physio Dr.Agarwal employs in her current practice with Dysautonomic patients. Primary focus on POTS/Dysautonomia.

    59m - Sep 7, 2021
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