In 1944, NBC wanted a show for younger audiences, not for little kids, but more for those coming of age. That was the impetus for this old time radio great,Adventure Ahead. Although Adventure Ahead was intended for all audiences, it was geared for young men. All of the plots were from famous adventure fiction writers, and they all starred or were intended for boys. Some of the well known writers were Daniel Defoe, Steven Vincent Benet, and Waldo Fleming. The stories and plots were adventures that any red blooded American boy could only dream of. For example, one of the stories, 'Inside The FBI' which gives a good guided tour of the inner workings of that much admired institution, and by the way with J. Edgar Hoover's blessing, as Hoover was a firm believer in molding America's youth.


Adventure Ahead 44.10.28 (12) Green Mantle
Show Details29min 13s
Adventure Ahead 44.10.21 (11) One of the Twenty-Eight
Show Details27min 47s
Adventure Ahead 44.10.14 (10) Hill Lawyer
Show Details28min 7s
Adventure Ahead 44.09.30 (08) The Biscuit Eater
Show Details28min 29s
Adventure Ahead 44.09.23 (07) The Talking Drums
Show Details29min 26s
Adventure Ahead 44.09.16 (06) Toby Tyler, or Ten Weeks with the Circus
Show Details29min 27s
Adventure Ahead 44.09.09 (05) A Tooth for Paul Revere
Show Details28min 27s
Adventure Ahead 44.09.02 (04) Robinson Crusoe
Show Details29min 27s
Adventure Ahead 44.08.26 (03) Inside the FBI
Show Details28min 2s
Adventure Ahead 44.08.19 (02) The Story of a Bad Boy
Show Details29min 14s
Adventure Ahead 44.08.05 (01) Two Years Before the Mast
Show Details28min 53s