The Trauma Therapist

The Trauma Therapist | Podcast is a podcast about the human spirit. Join Guy Macpherson, PhD at as he interviews thought-leaders in the fields of trauma, mindfulness, addiction and yoga and we learn about the journeys of these passionate mental health therapists who dedicate their lives to helping those who've been impacted by trauma.


Episode 576: The Power of Therapy. Joshua Newman
Show Details29min 11s
Episode 575: Transcending Trauma with Frank Anderson
Show Details39min 8s
Episode 574: Self Identity, Eating Disorders and Trauma. Jessica Begg
Show Details37min 25s
Episode 573: Advocating For Men and Mental Health with Mikkel Sibe
Show Details24min 49s
Episode 572: The Courage to be a Human Being with PJ Lewis
Show Details29min 34s
Episode 571: Broken-Heartedness, Addiction & Healingwith Andrew Susskind, LCSW.
Show Details30min 4s
Episode 570: Honoring Intuition Within The Healing of Trauma with Kaitlyn Rose Holsapple
Show Details29min 24s
Episode 569: The Embody Lab with Dr. Scott Lyons
Show Details30min 21s
Episode 568: Marine Colonel to Mental Health Advocate with Robert Macpherson
Show Details26min 5s
Episode 567.5: Trusting In Our Perfect Imperfection with Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details23min 57s
Episode 567: CPTSD Survivor & Founder of Sisu, a Trauma-Informed Toolkit with Effy Huck
Show Details26min 5s
Episode 566: Childhood Trauma & The Role of The Therapist with Sue Buratti
Show Details29min 26s
Episode 565: Caring For Families with Robyn Gobbel
Show Details30min 15s
Episode 564: We've forgotten that we live in our bodies with Jan Winhall, MSW
Show Details34min 55s
Episode 563: The Weekend University. Niall McKeever
Show Details31min 2s
Episode 562: Treating Trauma & Dissociative Disorders with Julia Barry
Show Details34min 40s
Episode 561: Helping to Heal Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault with Vjosa Rizaj
Show Details35min 24s
Episode 560: This Work is Who I Am. It's Cellular. Teresa Gil
Show Details41min 40s
Episode 559: Jen Fiser & Edward Levy. Trauma, Psychedelics and Saving a Life
Show Details38min 8s
Episode 558: Linda Thai, MSW. The Journey of a Therapist
Show Details38min 8s
Episode 557: Judy Weaver. Trauma Consciousness
Show Details28min 59s
Episode 556: Vulnerability In This Moment. Guy Macpherson
Show Details28min 18s
Episode 555: Brad Kammer. Personal & Collective Healing
Show Details34min 57s
Episode 554: Jeffrey Rutstein, PsyD. Meditation, Presence & Healing Trauma
Show Details36min 53s
Episode 553: October Trauma Therapist Newsletter. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details25min 28s
Episode 552: Uwe Dockhorn. Letting Go. Letting In
Show Details30min 7s
Episode 551: The Path to Genuineness. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details19min 27s
PREMIUM: Advocating For Men and Mental Health. Mikkel Sibe.
Show Details25min 57s
PREMIUM: Jeffrey Rutstein, PsyD. Meditation, Presence & Healing Trauma.
Show Details37min 36s
PREMIUM: Self Identity, Eating Disorders and Trauma. Jessica Begg
Show Details38min 29s
Episode 550: Jill Shanteau, LCSW. Caring For Service Members
Show Details35min 7s
Episode 549: Katiuscia Gray, LCSW. Mind Meets Movement
Show Details34min 8s
Episode 548: Eli Weinstein, LCSW. Finding Your Superpower
Show Details27min 56s
Episode 547: Deborah L. Korn, Psy.D. Being An Intimate Human Being
Show Details35min 54s
Episode 546: Timothy Shaw, PhD. The Trauma of Moral Injury
Show Details35min 46s
Episode 545: Lee Lyttle, RSSW. The Courage of The Wounded Healer
Show Details33min 23s
Episode 544: Damon Wood, PhD. The Journey of a Prison Psychologist
Show Details37min 12s
Episode 543: Danette May. Embracing Our Intution
Show Details33min 53s
Epsisode 542: Jan Haaken, PhD. The Nuances of Trauma & Its Treatment
Show Details47min 20s
Episode 541: Maureen McEvoy, MA. The Education of a Trauma Therapist
Show Details31min 7s
Episode 540: Graham Taylor, PhD. The Power of The Relationship
Show Details32min 15s
Episode 539: Casey Stevens. Intuition in the healing of Trauma
Show Details36min 39s
Episode 538: Anna Holtzman & Donna Jenson. Writing to Heal Trauma
Show Details37min 16s
Episode 537: Mara Tesler Stein, PsyD. A Personal Discussion About The Path of Courage
Show Details35min 29s
Episode 536: Brad Kammer. Personal & Collective Healing
Show Details34min 24s
Episode 535: Dr. David H. Rosmarin. Ancient Jewish Wisdom for Modern Mental Health
Show Details28min 1s
Episode 534.5: Jeanna Gomez. The Moment Somatic Experiencing Made Complete Sense.
Show Details36min 52s
Episode 534: Kelly Smyth-Dent, LCSW. Refugee Trauma and The Healing Journey
Show Details32min 17s
Episode 533: Jennifer Hobbs. Author. Veteran. Teacher
Show Details30min 21s
Special Announcement: The August Issue of The Trauma Therapist Newsletter Goes Live on Sunday!
Show Details2min 41s
Episode 532: Megan MacCutcheon, LPC. Perinatal Anxiety & Trauma
Show Details32min 29s
Episode 531: Beth Tyson. The Beginner's Mind
Show Details35min 56s
Episode 530: Gunny Sodhi. Ayurveda & A Journey of Healing
Show Details34min 37s
Episode 529: Leslie Bullock, LCSW. Why Am I Talking?
Show Details27min 29s
Episode 528: Anjuli Sherin. What Does It Mean To Be Alive?
Show Details31min 6s
Episode 527.5 The Trauma Therapist Newsletter. Issue #6 is out!
Show Details19min 22s
Episode 527: Sarah Peyton. Truth, Trauma & Self Warmth
Show Details35min 53s
Episode 526: Jackson Goding. I Will Light Myself on Fire
Show Details32min 25s
Episode 525: Michael Remole, LCPC. Working With Kids & Their Families
Show Details30min 14s
Episode 524: Kari Gleiser, PhD. Using Emotion To Heal
Show Details34min 57s
Episode 523: Marianne Hennigar. Insight Healing
Show Details27min 22s
Episode 522: Sarah K Ramsey. Understanding Toxic Relationships
Show Details37min 46s
Episode 521.5: Nicole Anders, PsyD. The Journey of an Holistic Healer
Show Details29min
The May 2021 Issue Of The Trauma Therapist Newsletter
Show Details23min 44s
Lorry Leigh Belhumeur, PhD. Youth, ACEs & Mental Health
Show Details31min 20s
Episode 520: Donna Fado Ivery. Healing Is About Becoming Whole
Show Details32min 5s
Episode 519: Jennifer King, DSW, LISW. Preparing Future Social Workers
Show Details30min 10s
Episode 518: Annie Brooke. Fire. Body. Mind
Show Details36min 19s
Episode 517: Brad Watts, LPC. Understanding Sibling Sexual Abuse
Show Details31min 2s
Episode 516: Esther Perez, LMFT. Sensorimoter Psycotherapy & Attachment
Show Details33min 11s
Episode 515: Lisa Ferentz. Humor, Faith & Self-Compassion In The Time of COVID
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 514: Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT. Managing During The Pandemic
Show Details35min 47s
Episode 513: Beth Sandlin. Trauma-Informed Pilates
Show Details29min 36s
Episode 512: Jenn Turner. Embodied Healing
Show Details30min 37s
Episode 511: Elle Michel. Finding Your Groove As A Therapist
Show Details32min 33s
Episode 510: The March Issue of The Trauma Therapist Newsletter is out!
Show Details22min 17s
Episode 509: Judy Weaver. Warriors, Yoga & Healing
Show Details32min 54s
Episode 508: Rick Boone, PhD. Healing The Hearts of Warriors
Show Details31min 27s
Episode 507: Saj Razvi. Psychodelics & Healing Trauma
Show Details36min 36s
Episode 506: Cheryl Price. The Yellow Brick Road
Show Details30min 52s
Episode 505: Catherine E. Sims, LLC. Trauma Therapy As A Calling
Show Details31min
Episode 504: The Trauma Therapist Newsletter. Issue #2 is out!
Show Details31min 13s
Episode 503: Jill Shanteau, LCSW & Jessica Culp, LPC. Trauma Therapy in The Time of COVID
Show Details46min 12s
Episode 502: Luke Worsfold. Inside Addiction
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 501: Thema Bryant, PhD. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak with Dignity: The Marginalized Populations
Show Details31min 24s
Episode 500: Alyssa Scolari, LPC. Recognizing Our Own Trauma
Show Details32min 14s
Episode 499: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Honoring Who You Are
Show Details16min 52s
Episode 498: Chris Prange-Morgan. Healing Our Broken Parts
Show Details34min 50s
Episode 497: Shayla Vaughan. Trauma, Yoga & The Mind/Body Connection
Show Details32min 59s
Episode 496: Karol Darsa, PsyD. The Trauma Map
Show Details30min 30s
Episode 495: Samuel Moore-Sobel. Can You See My Scars?
Show Details37min 44s
Episode 494: Kerry J. Heckman, LICSW. Relational Healing of Trauma
Show Details32min 3s
Episode 493: Chesarae Hall-Fletcher, MA. Vicarious Trauma and The Power of True Listening
Show Details33min 58s
Episode 492: Ignacio Rivera, MA. Sexual Trauma, Healing & Liberation
Show Details30min 10s
Episode 491: Alisa Zipursky. Helping Trauma Therapists Heal
Show Details31min
Episode 490: Onyango Otieno. African Masculinity, Trauma, and Healing
Show Details32min 2s
Episode 489: Sharon Stanley, PhD. Forgetting Everything We Know About Trauma
Show Details33min 32s
Episode 488: Peter Mayfield on Nature-Based Therapeutic Programs
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 487: Kelli Palfy, PhD. Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse
Show Details34min 56s
Episode 486: Robert Greene. A Healing Warrior
Show Details37min 42s
Episode 485: Mahshid Hager, MFT. The Power of Our Story
Show Details33min 59s
Episode 484: Russell Kennedy, M. D. Intuition In The Healing Process
Show Details32min 30s
Episode 483: Tracy Morgan. Occupational Therapy & Early Psychosis
Show Details33min 35s
Episode 482: Kate Hudgins, PhD. Post-Traumatic Growth & The Therapeutic Spiral Model
Show Details43min 43s
Episode 481: Kelly McDaniel. The Pain of A Broken Heart
Show Details38min 6s
Episode 480: Rachel Moore, LMFT. Creativity & Trauma Healing
Show Details36min 43s
Episode 479: Shuana Springer, PhD. Working With Our Warriors.
Show Details32min 10s
Episode 478: Dr. Don Wood. Resetting the Memories of Trauma
Show Details42min 8s
Episode 477: Jen Warner, LCSW. Holistic Health & Social Advocacy in The Treatment of Trauma.
Show Details31min 48s
Episode 476: Guy. Podcast Update & Special Announcement
Show Details25min 40s
Episode 475: Nina Tara. Courageous Art Therapy
Show Details34min 48s
Episode 474: Monica Bhagwan. Nutrition Through A Trauma-Informed Lens
Show Details35min 4s
Episode 473: Owen Marcus. Men, Mindfulness & Somatic psychotherapy
Show Details37min 4s
Episode 472: Josh Aronson & Julie Sayres. PTSD, Veterans and Their Service Dogs
Show Details39min 44s
Episode 471: Alisa Zipursky. Healing Trauma Honestly
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 470: Robyn Gobbell & Marshall Lyles. Finding Compassion For All Of Our Parts
Show Details39min 56s
Episode 469: Bonnie Badenoch, PhD. Cultivating Presence Over Technique
Show Details30min 36s
Episode 468: Christine (Cissy) White Returns. Hear My Story
Show Details40min 26s
Episode 467: Heather Cobb. The Courage of Lived Experience.
Show Details36min 14s
Episode 466: Dr. Leslie Ellis. Focusing & Trauma Treatment
Show Details37min 55s
Episode 465: Tian Dayton, PhD. The Soulful Journey of Recovery
Show Details30min 20s
Episode 464: Esly Carvalho, PhD. Bringing Joy to Life
Show Details32min 8s
Episode 463: Abi Blakeslee, Ph.D. The Way of Somatic Experiencing
Show Details41min 18s
Episode 462: Michael Salter. Women, Complex Trauma, and The Need For Recognition
Show Details36min 32s
Episode 461: Shari Botwin, LCSW. Breaking The Silence
Show Details35min 28s
Episode 460: Johanna Lynn. Epigenetics and Inheretid Trauma
Show Details33min 34s
Episode 459: April Harter. Racism and Trauma
Show Details54min 50s
Episode 458: The Kavanagh Sisters. Standing Up And Speaking Out
Show Details51min 8s
Episode 457: Dr. Pauline Thompson. The Courage and Healing of Our Own Truth
Show Details42min 34s
Episode 456: Pat Ogden, PhD. Working With Trauma From The Bottom Up.
Show Details37min 12s
Episode 455: Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT, E-RYT. Yoga For Trauma Recovery
Show Details36min 6s
Episode 454: Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak with Dignity: The Marginalized Populations
Show Details35min 52s
Episode 453: Suzi Rutti, LISW-S. Working With Kids and Trauma
Show Details33min 38s
Episode 452: Sarah Peyton. Truth Not Trauma
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 451: Angi Yoder-Maina. Sitting Back, Listening, and Holding Space
Show Details35min 51s
Episode 450: Christine Forner. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak with Dignity
Show Details35min 8s
Episode 449: Eduardo Duran, PhD. Healing Moral Injury
Show Details40min 31s
Episode 448: Kate Hudgins. Managing in the Midst of The Current Outbreak with Spontaneity & Creativity
Show Details43min 15s
Episode 447: Pat Ogden, PhD. Managing in The Midst of An Outbreak
Show Details34min 1s
Episode 446: Peter Bernstein, PhD. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak With Authenticity
Show Details40min 29s
Episode 445: Cathy Malchiodi, PhD. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak with Creativity
Show Details41min 42s
Episode 444: Michele Solloway, PhD. The Power of Somatic Experiencing
Show Details45min 57s
Episode 443: Manuela Mischke-Reeds, MFT. Managing inThe Midst of The Current Outbreak
Show Details38min 38s
Episode 442: Mica Gonzalez, PhD. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak
Show Details35min
Episode 441: Sharon Salzberg. Managing in The Midst of The Current Outbreak
Show Details37min 55s
Episode 440: Fran S. Waters, LMFT. Managing in The Midst of COVID-19
Show Details41min 36s
Episode 439: Janina Fisher, PhD. Managing in The Midst of COVID-19
Show Details33min 51s
Episode 438: Peter Levine, PhD. Managing in The Midst of COVID-19
Show Details36min 19s
Episode 437: Gould Farm. A Model of Compassionate and Holistic Healing
Show Details47min 7s
Episode 436: Bruce Perry, MD, PhD. Staying Emotionally Close In The Time of COVID-19
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 435: Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Spotlight. Diana Lea Baranovich
Show Details36min 25s
Episode 434: Megan Hillukka. The Loss of A Child
Show Details38min 44s
Episode 433: Jeannette Dijkstra. Breaking The Secret
Show Details32min 29s
Episode 432: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Self-Belief. Yes, Please
Show Details33min 10s
Episode 431: Craig Heacock, MD. Stories of Hope & Healing
Show Details39min 16s
Episode 430: Mooli Lahad Ph.D. Forging Community Resiliency in Shmona Israel
Show Details37min 6s
Episode 429: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Behind The Scenes And A New Workshop
Show Details36min 29s
Episode 428: Mark Epstein, MD. Buddhism, Psychotherapy and Trauma
Show Details41min
Episode 427: Christian Griffith. Men, Sexual Abuse & The Courage to Heal. (TRIGGER MP3). Men, Sexual Abuse & The Courage to Heal
Show Details41min 50s
Episode 426: Sam Himelstein, PhD. Trauma-Informed Mindfulness With Teens
Show Details43min 17s
Episode 425: Cissy White. The Power & Passion of A Survivor
Show Details42min 45s
Episode 424: Miles Neale, PsyD. Contemplative Psychotherapy
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 423: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Trauma Sucks
Show Details39min 42s
Episode 422: Mark Walsh. Becoming Embodied
Show Details33min 36s
Episode 421: Adrian Marquez. From Special Operations to Mental Health Counselor
Show Details31min 45s
Episode 420: Georgia King, LCSW. The Invisible Scars
Show Details33min 23s
Episode 419: Rebecca Cooper. Making A Difference With
Show Details35min 2s
Episode 418: Sarah Peyton. Trauma and Relational & Embodied Language
Show Details40min 13s
Episode 417: Jennifer Kindera. It's Not, Why Me? It's What Now?
Show Details29min 44s
Episode 416: Harry Zeit, MD. Bridging The Gap: A Physician & Sensorimotor Psychotherapy
Show Details39min 22s
Episode 415: Guy Macpherson, PhD. 2019 Wrap Up & What's Next?
Show Details29min 33s
Episode 414: Dr. Nancy Morgan. This Work Is Spiritual
Show Details47min 34s
Episode 413: Caroline Cook. Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Spotlight.
Show Details28min 49s
Episode 412: Bruce Perry, MD, PhD. Respect Your Client & Their Story.
Show Details45min 22s
Episode 411: Relationships After Trauma. Laura Brown, PhD
Show Details43min 47s
Episode 410: Experience, Strength & Hope. Adena Bank Lees
Show Details41min 32s
Episode 409: Jellis Vaes. Life Lessons
Show Details33min 8s
Episode 408: Mara Stein. Using EMDR With Perinatal Trauma
Show Details37min 40s
Episode 407: The Author Series with Leslie Sokol, PhD & Marci G. Fox, PhD. The Clinician's Guide to CBT
Show Details46min 45s
Episode 406: Miles Adcox. The Microscope & The Mirror
Show Details35min 32s
Episode 405: Kelly Rae. Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Spotlight. The Obstacle Is The Path
Show Details33min 45s
Episode 404: Amy Oestreicher. From Gutless To Grateful
Show Details33min 18s
Episode 403: Guy Macpherson, PhD. It's Not Just About Trauma
Show Details29min 12s
Episode 402: Robyn Gobbel, LCSW. I Haven’t Met A True Self I Haven’t Fallen In Love With
Show Details36min 50s
Episode 401: Loch Kelly. Open-Hearted Awareness
Show Details32min 36s
Episode 400: Damon Wood, PhD. Healing Inside A Prison
Show Details40min 17s
Episode 399: Juditta Ben-David. Mindfulness For Arabic Refugees & Displaced People
Show Details41min 7s
Episode 398: The Author Series with Timothy Gordon, MSW. The ACT Approach.
Show Details41min
Episode 397: Courtney Armstrong. Attachment Styles & Complex Trauma
Show Details40min
Episode 396: E. C. Hurley, Ph.D. EMDR, Veterans & A Calling To Heal
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 395: Daniel Roberts, PhD. Spiritual Care For Female Veterans
Show Details42min 2s
Episode 394: The Author Series with Donald Altman. Reflect. Awaken To The Wisdom Of The Here And Now.
Show Details43min 51s
Episode 393: Marshall Lyles, LMFT-S. Self-Awareness, Ambiguity, and Harry Potter.
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 392: Shelby Leigh. I Am That Through Which This Is Passing
Show Details32min 13s
Episode 391: Jondi Whitis. Healing Veterans with Energy Psychology
Show Details36min 2s
Episode 390: Mary Cortani. Operation Freedom Paws
Show Details43min 56s
Episode 389: Mara Tesler Stein, Psy.D. Perinatal Trauma
Show Details40min 31s
Episode 388: Cynthia Price. Touch & Body-Oriented Therapy in Trauma Healing. A 2.0 Master Class
Show Details48min 30s
Episode 387: The Trauma Treatment Toolbox. Jennifer Sweeton
Show Details33min 26s
Episode 386: Dan Allender, PhD. Faith, Hope & Love In The Healing Of Trauma
Show Details40min 26s
Episode 385: Susanne Babbel. Heal The Body, Heal The Mind
Show Details36min 45s
Episode 384: Guy Macpherson, PhD. The Journey of Self-Trust
Show Details24min 28s
Episode 383: Laurel Parnell. Attachment-focused EMDR
Show Details33min 58s
Episode 382: Adam Young. Finding Truth In Our Story
Show Details35min 5s
Episode 381: Kate Hudgins. Courage is Fear That Has Said Its Prayers.
Show Details33min 48s
Episode 380: Carla Van Walsum, PhD. Holistic Interventions & Compassion in the Treatment of Trauma
Show Details38min 47s
Episode 379: Sarah Peyton. Trauma & Relational and Embodied Language
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 378: Experience, Strength & Hope. Adena Bank Lees
Show Details40min 53s
Episode 377: Authenticity & Trauma Therapist 2.0. Guy Macpherson, PhD.
Show Details22min 24s
Episode 376: Global Trauma. How To Change A Culture. Edward Tick, Ph.D.
Show Details43min 4s
Episode 375: Tattoos & Trauma Survivors. Everett Painter, PhD
Show Details32min 20s
Episode 374: The Shadow & The Light. Bryanna Dee
Show Details32min 50s
Episode 373: Adam O'Brien. I Want My Clients To Be Seen
Show Details40min 7s
Episode 372: Joshua Sylvae, PhD. Somatic Experiencing & System Regulation
Show Details34min 15s
Episode 371: Trauma & The Struggle to Open Up. Robert T. Muller, Ph.D.
Show Details33min 37s
Episode 370: California Prisons, Safety and Clinicians. Damon Wood
Show Details36min 49s
Episode 369: The Trauma of Invisibility. Beck Gee-Cohen, MA, LADC
Show Details35min 39s
Episode 368 Combat Veterans & Confronting The Reality of Trauma. Duane France.
Show Details34min 17s
Episode 367: Psychedelics & Trauma Healing. Jane Latimer
Show Details38min 37s
Episode 366: Carl Waggett. First Responders, Trauma & Healing
Show Details33min 50s
Episode 365: Healing Complex Trauma. Brad Kammer, LMFT
Show Details35min 9s
Episode 364: Relationships After Trauma. Laura Brown, PhD
Show Details42min 9s
Episode 363: Getting Free from Toxic Relationships. Bree Bonchay
Show Details34min 12s
Episode 362: Organized Sexual Abuse. Dr. Michael Salter
Show Details37min 19s
Episode 361: Early Psychosis. The Course Begins Next Week!
Show Details8min 23s
Episode 360: Equine Therapy & Healing Trauma. Maddie Caballo
Show Details35min 49s
Episode 359: Maybe You Should Talk To Someone. Lori Gottlieb
Show Details28min 48s
Episode 358: Jessica Culp. There is No Perfect Map
Show Details29min 29s
Episode 357: Jamie Marich, PhD. Process Not Perfection
Show Details31min 7s
Episode 356: Early Psychosis. The Course is Coming. Guy Macpherson
Show Details9min 36s
Episode 355: Erica Hornthal. Dance, Movement & Healing Trauma
Show Details38min 26s
Episode 354: Byron Katie. The Work
Show Details35min 51s
Episode 353: Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Spotlight. Tammy Hatherill
Show Details31min 52s
Episode 352: Laura van Dernoot Lipsky. Trauma Stewardship
Show Details37min 36s
Episode 351: Dr. Nancy Morgan. This Work Is Spiritual
Show Details45min 56s
Episode 350: The Difference Between Dysfunction and Trauma. Nate Postlethwait
Show Details40min 39s
Episode 349: Cultivating Compassion, Vulnerability & You. Guy Macpherson, Phd
Show Details18min 10s
Episode 348: Ordinary to Extraordinary. Esther Goldstein, LCSW
Show Details28min 40s
Episode 347: The Power of the Beginner's Mind. Guy Macpherson
Show Details9min 29s
Episode 346: Martial Arts, Justice & Treating Trauma. Dean Siminoff
Show Details38min 34s
Episode 345: Owning Your Truth. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details23min 17s
Episode 344: Overcoming shame, doubt and fear. Stephana Johnson
Show Details42min 1s
Episode 343: The Heart-Centered Therapist Is Coming. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details20min 8s
Episode 342: The Trauma Institute. Ricky Greenwald, PsyD
Show Details38min 47s
Episode 341: The Heart-Centered Therapist. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details20min 8s
Episode 340: Zen Hospice Project with George Kellar
Show Details35min 1s
Episode 339: Stepping into Aliveness. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details28min 15s
Episode 338: The Power of Authenticity. Sarah Buino
Show Details38min 23s
Episode 337: The Open Heart. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details19min 14s
Episode 336: Eating Disorders, Trauma & Healing with Paula Scatoloni & Rachel Lewis Marlow
Show Details44min 29s
Episode 335: Social Work, Attachment & Trauma with Kate Fylan
Show Details33min 11s
Episode 334: Is This Healing? Guy Macpherson
Show Details17min 26s
Episode 333: Unapologetic Vulnerability. Zahabiyah Yamasaki
Show Details34min 52s
Episode 332: Being a Human. Guy Macpherson
Show Details20min 30s
Episode 331: Speaking Our Truth. Kim Rezarch
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 330: The Open Heart. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details19min 30s
Episode 329: The Refreshed Therapist. Ili Rivera Walter
Show Details36min 34s
Episode 328: The Power of Getting Uncomfortable. Tiffany Chhuom
Show Details39min 44s
Episode 327: Occupational Therapy & Trauma Treatment. Teri Barney
Show Details38min 10s
Episode 326: Reflections on 2018. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details31min 33s
Episode 325: Stephen Kavalkovich. Sharing Pain. Honoring Strength.
Show Details37min 16s
Episode 324: Moving Out of Survival Mode. Irene Lyon
Show Details43min 1s
Episode 323: We Are All Susceptible. Angela Englander
Show Details26min 25s
Episode 322: No More Suffering In Silence. Nikki Webber Allen
Show Details34min 38s
Episode 321: Walk Through This. Sara Shulting-Kranz
Show Details31min 57s
Episode 320: Bringing Humanity to Suicide Assessment with Dr. Rebecca Milner
Show Details44min 48s
Episode 319: Human Rights & Trauma Advocacy. Margi Bennett
Show Details36min 15s
Episode 318: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Owning Our Story.
Show Details38min 16s
Episode 317: Loosening The Shackles of Shame. Athena Moberg
Show Details39min 5s
Episode 316: Trust Your Struggle. Victoria Grinman
Show Details36min 48s
Episode 315: The Power of Witnessing. Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member, Michelle Turnbull
Show Details29min 2s
Episode 314: Clip: The Tables Are Turned. Jessica Culp, MA, Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member, Interviews Guy
Show Details44min 4s
Episode 313: Clip: Dan Siegel, MD. Awareness, Trauma & Trauma Treatment.
Show Details42min 49s
Episode 312: Clip: Kristin Sunanta Walker. How I Became My Own Friend
Show Details34min 40s
Episode 311: Victor Yalom. The Art of Psychotherapy
Show Details51min 19s
Episode 310: On A Mission To Share The Truth. Helen Oakwater
Show Details38min 46s
Episode 309: The Ways Our Path Inspires Us. Sebastian Slovin
Show Details35min 29s
Episode 308: The Power of Trust. Shauna Springer
Show Details35min 48s
Episode 307: Susan Pease Banitt. Wisdom, Attachment & Love in Trauma Therapy.
Show Details38min 42s
Episode 306: Bruce Perry, MD, PhD. Respect Your Client & Their Story.
Show Details41min 16s
Episode 304: Meditation, Healing & Trauma. Lynn Fraser
Show Details32min 32s
Episode 303: The Business of Therapy with John Clarke
Show Details37min 51s
Episode 302: My Story: Fears, Struggles & Inspiration. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details38min 58s
Episode 301: Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Spotlight with Ashlyn Burns
Show Details35min 10s
Episode 300: Mindfulness & Self-Compassion. Elisha Goldstein, Ph.D.
Show Details32min 24s
Episode 299: Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness. David Treleaven
Show Details45min 45s
Episode 298: Looking With The Heart. Lorna Gallant
Show Details30min 41s
Episode 297: Zen & Healing Trauma. Joseph Bobrow
Show Details45min 9s
Episode 296: You've Found Your Tribe. Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details21min 54s
Episode 295: From Victim to Survivor to Healer. Angela Clark
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 294: Helping Survivors Cope. Anonymously. Alex Harkola
Show Details33min 31s
Episode 293: Trauma-Informed Hypnotherapy with Courtney Armstrong
Show Details35min 48s
Episode 292: The Power Of Speaking Your Voice. Rachel Aidan
Show Details30min 11s
Episode 291: Spirituality, Neuroscience & Trauma. Lisa Schwarz, M.Ed.
Show Details32min 21s
Episode 290: My First Online Course Is Now Live!
Show Details27min 35s
Episode 289: Holistic & Intuitive Healing of Trauma. Angelica Singh
Show Details29min 47s
Episode 288: When The Body Moves, It Speaks. Sara Moser
Show Details38min 10s
Episode 287: Analie Shepherd
Show Details34min 15s
Episode 286: Using The Trauma of The Past To Help Therapists. Kat Love
Show Details37min 6s
Episode 285: Dynamic Running Therapy with William Pullen
Show Details36min
Episode 284: Trauma Therapist Live: What's Going On Now
Show Details28min 31s
Episode 283: #MeToo and What It Means to Be Thriving with Anne Lauren
Show Details47min 41s
Episode 282: Trauma in the Lives of Kids and Families. First Lady Tonette Walker
Show Details31min
Episode 281: The Heart is The Keeper Of Truth. Julia Rose M. Polk, M.A. LMFT
Show Details34min 48s
Episode 280: The Power of The Present Moment. Suzanne Scurlock-Durana
Show Details39min 56s
Episode 279: Love And Its Absence In Trauma. Laurie Kahn.
Show Details34min 53s
Episode 278: Early Childhood, Trauma & Healing. Dr. Mica Gonzalez
Show Details36min 57s
Episode 277: Military Veteran, Bronze Star Recipient & Mental Health Advocate. Chris Molaro
Show Details34min 59s
Episode 276: Not All Black Girls Know How to Eat. Stephanie Covington
Show Details42min 34s
Episode 275: Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Update with Jessica Culp
Show Details34min 36s
Episode 274: The Body Keeps The Score. Bessel A. van der Kolk, M.D.
Show Details41min 6s
Episode 273: An American Trauma. A life of resilience with David Carr
Show Details34min 33s
Episode 272: Openness, Compassion & Authenticity with Julia Rose M. Polk, M.A. LMFT
Show Details47min 54s
Episode 271: LGBTQIA & The Healing of Trauma. James Lee Winnike
Show Details42min 34s
Episode 270: Healing & Sanctuary with Dave Talamo, MFT
Show Details34min 11s
Episode 269: Peter M. Bernstein, PhD
Show Details49min 14s
Episode 268: Allan Katz: Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member Highlight
Show Details33min 28s
Episode 267: Creating Your Own Path To Healing. Amy Oestreicher
Show Details36min 48s
Episode 266: Stephanie Seldin Howard: The Weight of Honor
Show Details38min 49s
Episode 265: Reflecting Back & Looking Forward on The Trauma Therapist | Podcast
Show Details22min 49s
Episode 264: Bruce Perry, MD, PhD
Show Details36min 5s
Episode 263: Gabor Maté, MD
Show Details40min 32s
Episode 262: The Choice of Hope. Rev. Sheri Heller, LCSW
Show Details33min 42s
Episode 261: Art Therapy & Trauma-Focused Treatment. Emma Cameron
Show Details31min
Episode 260. Emotional Trauma & The Brain. Sarah Peyton
Show Details34min 46s
Episode 259: Trauma, EMDR & Mindfulness Jamie Marich & Stephen Dansiger
Show Details53min 11s
Episode 258: Emotions, The Body & Trauma. Hilary Jacobs Hendel
Show Details36min 46s
Episode 257: Trauma, Nature, & The Body. Leslie Korn
Show Details40min 25s
Episode 256: Mentoring New Trauma Therapists. Nancy Morgan
Show Details39min 7s
Episode 255: Body, Mind, Spirit & Trauma. Ann Todhunter Brode
Show Details39min 24s
Episode 254: Empathy, Intention & The Healing of Trauma. Dr. Sharon Stanley.
Show Details38min 50s
Episode 253: Authentic Parenting & Trauma Treatment. Anna Seewald.
Show Details37min 26s
Episode 252: Soul Wounds, Trauma & Healing. Fabio Fina
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 251: If You're Going Through Hell Keep Going. Carl Waggett
Show Details40min 53s
Episode 250: Start with our own trauma. Janae Weinhold
Show Details40min 35s
Episode 249: The Physical & Emotional Connection. Cynthia Price.
Show Details39min 55s
Episode 248: Self-Awareness & The Trauma Therapist. Tara Cantrell
Show Details38min 25s
Episode 247: Therapy Outside Normal Environments. Nick Cardone
Show Details44min 13s
Episode 246: The Trauma Informed Parent. Suzy DeYoung
Show Details35min 53s
Episode 245: Mental Health Meets Yoga. Malorie Moore
Show Details32min 13s
Episode 244: Indigenous Healing Meets EMDR. Toni Rahman, LCSW
Show Details35min 45s
Episode 243: Trauma Therapist | 2.0, A Survivor Case Study. Eva Eakins
Show Details33min 41s
Episode 242: The Journey Of Healing. Michelle Stevens, PhD
Show Details36min 20s
Episode 241: Psychodrama & Family Constellation. Karen Carnabucci
Show Details33min 38s
Episode 240: Telling Ourselves Stories To Survive. Fay Keegan
Show Details39min 10s
Episode 239: Helping Veterans Heal With Surfing. Josh Izenberg
Show Details28min 34s
Episode 238: The Power Of Bearing Witness. Mike Shook
Show Details34min
Episode 237: You Can Trust Yourself. Trauma Therapist | 2.0 Member. Jessica Culp
Show Details32min 28s
Episode 236: Kathy Steele. Asking The Sacred Questions
Show Details29min 31s
Episode 235: Patricia Sherman. Treating Trauma Without Drama Telesummit.
Show Details31min 43s
Episode 234: The Capacity To Be A Kind Witness. Rachel Goldsmith Turow, PhD
Show Details40min 28s
Episode 233: Story, Shamanism & Healing Trauma. Rachel Mann
Show Details47min 18s
Episode 232: Recovery Is A Journey. Debbie Millman
Show Details33min 44s
Episode 231: What you think, you create. Rachel Grant
Show Details37min 40s
Episode 230: Breaking the barriers of what healing is supposed to look like. Robyn Mourning
Show Details31min 27s
Episode 229: I used to laugh at PTSD. Carl Wagget, Firefighter
Show Details37min 41s
Episode 228: Aikido, Conflict Resolution & Trauma. Jeff Dowdy
Show Details32min 57s
Episode 227: The Creative Process & Trauma. Lisa Mitchell LMFT, ATR
Show Details35min 56s
Episode 226: Being Human. Guy Macpherson, PhD. The Trauma Therapist | Podcast
Show Details17min 16s
Episode 225: There's No One Answer. Pat Ogden, PhD
Show Details34min 9s
Episode 224: Homeless & Runaway Youth with Maureen Blaha
Show Details35min 20s
Episode 223: A Master Class in Self-Awareness. Adena Bank Lees
Show Details38min 26s
Episode 222: Not knowing, Bearing Witness and Appropriate Action. Fleet Maull
Show Details43min
Episode 221: Avoiding The Pressure To Fix People. Deirdre Fay
Show Details31min 40s
Episode 220: From Law School to Social Worker. The Trauma Therapist | 2.0 experience with Naixiang Hui
Show Details39min 19s
Episode 219: The Power of Hope. Christina Minoguchi
Show Details35min 43s
Episode 218. Creating Art to Help Heal Trauma. Mary Stephanou
Show Details46min 5s
Episode 217. Autism & Trauma. Janeen Herskovitz, LMHC
Show Details33min 58s
Episode 216: Fly Fishing & Healing Trauma with Eric Hastings
Show Details43min 30s
Episode 215: Giving people a voice with Christiane Sanderson
Show Details34min 44s
Episode 214: Asking "What's happened?" rather than "What's wrong?" with Jondi Whitis
Show Details39min 22s
Episode 213: The Human Capacity to Endure With Marisa Hughes, LCSW
Show Details34min 26s
Episode 212: Finding Your Ruby Slippers with Lisa Ferentz, LCSW
Show Details36min 14s
Episode 211: Native, Indigenous cultures and healing trauma. Eduardo Duran, PhD
Show Details38min 36s
Episode 210: Acupuncture & The Treatment of Trauma. Anthony Giovanniello, MS, Ac; L.Ac
Show Details37min 57s
Episode 209: The Psychospiritual healing of war trauma. Edward Tick, Ph.D.
Show Details46min 27s
Episode 208: How To Stay Grounded & Present. Lisa Ferentz
Show Details52min 15s
Episode 207: Honoring the therapist's journey. Peter M. Bernstein, PhD
Show Details51min 37s
Episode 206: Full Human-Beingness & Trauma. Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Show Details47min 58s
Episode 205: It's About More Than The Diagnosis: Nancy Morgan, MS, PhD, DCC
Show Details38min 15s
Episode 204: The Innate Desire To Heal: Jenny Watt, M.A.
Show Details30min 26s
Episode 203: Attachment & Relational Trauma. Karen Treisman
Show Details33min 7s
Episode 202: Racial Trauma with Thema Bryant-Davis
Show Details36min 25s
Episode 201: The Challenges of Running Trauma Groups. Helen Thomas, MC, RCC, LPC
Show Details33min 14s
Episode 200: A therapist and her client. Seanne Larson Emerton, L.M.F.T & Geri Henderson, PhD
Show Details30min 18s
Episode 199: From Survivor to Warrior: Roberto Rodriquez, M.A.
Show Details30min 33s
Episode 198: Turning abuse into advocacy and a life of inspiration. Jean-Paul (JP) Bedard
Show Details35min 49s
Episode 197: Veterans, Resilience & Healing. Paul Riedner
Show Details31min 37s
Episode 196: The Power of Presence with Jan Winhall M.S.W.
Show Details31min 1s
Episode 195: Thoughtful Medicine & Poetry with Ayelet Amittay
Show Details46min 16s
Episode 194: From Vietnam Veteran to author and healer. Glenn Schiraldi, PhD
Show Details33min 25s
Episode 193: One woman's journey to trauma therapy. Linnea Butler, LMFT
Show Details33min 58s
Episode 192: A Story Close To Home with Ron Gellis, PhD
Show Details40min 53s
Episode 191: Leadership & The Trauma Therapist with Richard Strozzi-Heckler, PhD
Show Details32min 12s
Episode 190: The power of persistence and grit. Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe
Show Details33min 42s
Episode 189: A U.S. Marine and a healer. Sarah Plummer Taylor
Show Details31min
Episode 188: One Veteran With A Huge Heart. Joe Morgan
Show Details38min 56s
Episode 187: Vanessa Snyder, PhD
Show Details30min 59s
Episode 186: David Emerson
Show Details36min 11s
Episode 185: Trauma Therapist Live: Do Less Be More
Show Details17min 28s
Episode 184: Mark Wolynn
Show Details38min 10s
Episode 183: Nina “Anin” Utigaard, MFT, REAT
Show Details36min 32s
Episode 182: Brian Harris, PhD
Show Details36min 4s
Episode 181: Sebastian Junger
Show Details33min 58s
Episode 180: Helen Thomas, MC, RCC, LPC
Show Details34min 40s
Episode 179: Catherine Knibbs
Show Details27min 35s
Episode 178: Let Go or Be Dragged: Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details16min 1s
Episode 177: Kim Bridi
Show Details34min 57s
Episode 176: Keith Myers, LPC
Show Details33min 48s
Episode 175: Jesse Hanson, PhD
Show Details32min 52s
Episode 174: Carolyn Daitch, PhD
Show Details28min 37s
Episode 173: Craig Haen, PhD
Show Details32min 36s
Episode 172: Kimberly Campbell
Show Details36min 11s
Episode 171: Christopher Willard, PsyD
Show Details35min 15s
Episode 170: Kimber Olson
Show Details29min 37s
Episode 169: Kate Hendricks Thomas, PhD
Show Details36min 27s
Episode 168: Jane Clapp
Show Details36min 55s
Episode 167: Lisa Dale Miller, LMFT
Show Details39min 26s
Episode 166: Don McCasland
Show Details39min 38s
Episode 165: Tyler Skluzacek
Show Details28min 41s
Episode 164: Christina Hibbert
Show Details34min 24s
Episode 163: Richard Schwartz, PhD
Show Details36min 44s
Episode 162: Crystal Arber
Show Details32min 4s
Episode 161: Robin Shapiro
Show Details37min 10s
Episode 160: Ed & Deb Shapiro
Show Details40min 53s
Episode 159: Steve Dansiger, PsyD
Show Details39min 37s
Episode 158: Melissa Wilson
Show Details33min 12s
Episode 157: Deb Del Vecchio-Scully
Show Details31min 46s
Episode 156: Belleruth Naparstek, M.A., L.I.S.W
Show Details32min 14s
Episode 155: Guy Macpherson, PhD. Trauma Therapist | 2.0
Show Details28min 44s
Episode 154: Theresa Vigarino
Show Details34min 35s
Episode 153: Theresa Larson, PhD
Show Details38min 1s
Episode 152: Marshall Lyles
Show Details28min 14s
Episode 151: Karen Allen, PhD, LMSW
Show Details32min 36s
Episode 150: Robyn Walser, Ph.D
Show Details29min 27s
Episode 149: Tim Desmond, LMFT
Show Details33min 44s
Episode 148: Lessons Learned in 2015. Part 1.
Show Details28min 59s
Episode 147: Elisabeth Corey
Show Details31min 51s
Episode 146: Tonya L. Bassett, LCSW, CADC, CTT
Show Details35min 38s
Episode 145: Paula Thomson
Show Details28min 34s
Episode 144: Marjie Roddick
Show Details26min 59s
Episode 143: James Redford
Show Details39min 10s
Episode 142: Peter M. Bernstein, PhD, FAPA, MFT
Show Details50min 16s
Episode 141: Tracy Brown
Show Details39min 33s
Episode 140: Daniel Siegel, MD
Show Details46min 31s
Episode 139: George Lindenfeld, PhD
Show Details33min 16s
Episode 138: Trauma Therapist Live: The Give & Take of Trauma Therapy
Show Details32min 27s
Episode 137: Nicole Marcia
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 136: Monique Danielle
Show Details31min 59s
Episode 135: Athena Phillips
Show Details28min 10s
Episode 134: Amy Sugeno
Show Details43min 56s
Episode 133: Debbie Seldon
Show Details33min 2s
Episode 132: 207. Full Human-Beingness & Trauma. Manuela Mischke-Reeds
Show Details46min 31s
Episode 131: Karla Helbert
Show Details44min 9s
Episode 130: Ryan Van Wyk
Show Details45min 9s
Episode 129: Dan Griffin
Show Details35min 25s
Episode 128: Danny Brom
Show Details31min 44s
Episode 127: Gretchen Schmelzer, PhD
Show Details29min 33s
Episode 126: Miriam Taylor
Show Details37min 34s
Episode 125: Tara S. Dickherber
Show Details34min 14s
Episode 124: Mark Gerow
Show Details33min 26s
Episode 123: Andy Hahn, PsyD
Show Details53min 48s
Episode 122: Barbara Neiman
Show Details30min 17s
Episode 121: Rebecca Bloom
Show Details34min 5s
Episode 120: Laura Reagan, MSW, LCSW-C
Show Details33min 12s
Episode 119: Arnold J. Popky, PhD
Show Details26min 35s
Episode 118: Trauma Therapist Live: Starting
Show Details21min 24s
Episode 117: Kimberly Johnson
Show Details34min 42s
Episode 116: Sandra L. Brown, MA
Show Details30min 47s
Episode 115: The Process (of becoming a trauma therapist): Part 2
Show Details20min 10s
Episode 114: Trauma Therapist Live: Knowing. Being. Doing.
Show Details20min 29s
Episode 113: Ruth Lanius, PhD
Show Details33min 27s
Episode 112: The Trauma Therapist | Podcast: Nuts & Bolts
Show Details20min 18s
Episode 111: Donna Jackson Nakazawa
Show Details36min 44s
Episode 110: Bethany Brand, PhD
Show Details41min 4s
Episode 109: Anna Berardi, PhD
Show Details38min 32s
Episode 108: Sara Jacobovici
Show Details36min 56s
Episode 107: Courtney Armstrong
Show Details41min 58s
Episode 106: Molly Boeder Harris
Show Details39min 45s
Episode 105: Monica O'Connell, MA, LMFT, LADC
Show Details33min 16s
Episode 104: Daphna Slonim, MD
Show Details29min 13s
Episode 103: Iryna Natalushko, MA
Show Details43min 41s
Episode 102: Kathy Platoni, Psy.D. COL, US Army
Show Details33min 48s
Episode 101: Mooli Lahad, PhD
Show Details44min 57s
Episode 100: Teresa Descilo, MSW, MCT
Show Details33min 17s
Episode 99: Anita Sugimura Holsapple
Show Details31min 54s
Episode 98: Lynette Danylchuk, PhD
Show Details36min 3s
Episode 97: Gabriella Grant, MA
Show Details39min 10s
Episode 96: Robert Weiss LCSW, CSAT-S
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 95: Sam Himelstein, PhD
Show Details52min 1s
Episode 94: Bruce Perry, MD, PhD
Show Details33min 28s
Episode 93: Gabor Maté, MD
Show Details37min 31s
Episode 92: Ashley Davis Bush, LICSW
Show Details36min 22s
Episode 91: Peter M. Bernstein, PhD, FAPA, MFT
Show Details47min 7s
Episode 90: Odelya Gertel Kraybill​, PhD
Show Details38min 3s
Episode 89: Helga Luest​
Show Details49min 3s
Episode 88: Michele Rosenthal, CPC, NLP, CHt
Show Details43min 51s
Episode 87: Amber Elizabeth Gray
Show Details36min 40s
Episode 86: Ron Gellis, PhD
Show Details53min 47s
Episode 85: Usha Tummala-Narra, PhD
Show Details34min 8s
Episode 84: Patricia D. Wilcox, LCSW
Show Details33min 3s
Episode 83: Lee Klinger Lesser​, MS
Show Details35min 35s
Episode 82: Dan Griffin
Show Details38min 53s
Episode 81: Mark Lilly
Show Details33min 1s
Episode 80: Trauma Therapist Live: The Process of Becoming a Trauma Therapist
Show Details16min 43s
Episode 79: Laura van Dernoot Lipsky, MA
Show Details43min 12s
Episode 78: Terri Messman-Moore, PhD
Show Details43min 52s
Episode 77: Toni Heineman, PhD
Show Details34min 37s
Episode 76: Edward Tick, PhD
Show Details46min 12s
Episode 75: Sheela Raja, PhD
Show Details32min 2s
Episode 74: Beck Gee-Cohen, MA LADC
Show Details42min 37s
Episode 73: Randy Noblitt, PhD
Show Details39min 23s
Episode 72: Cathy Malchiodi, PhD
Show Details43min 58s
Episode 71: Robert T. Muller, PhD
Show Details50min 9s
Episode 70: Omar Minwalla, PsyD
Show Details38min 39s
Episode 69: Fredrike Bannink, PhD
Show Details30min 58s
Episode 68: Monique Funk
Show Details34min 10s
Episode 67: Debi Grebenik, PhD
Show Details31min 28s
Episode 66: Elaine Miller-Karas, LCSW
Show Details42min 58s
Episode 65: Trauma Therapist Live!: Trauma Therapist Mindset
Show Details16min 48s
Episode 64: Trauma Therapist Live!: Stabilization & Opportunity
Show Details18min 9s
Episode 63: Tom Kavanaugh
Show Details35min 53s
Episode 62: Jamie Marich, PhD
Show Details29min
Episode 61: Laura Brown, PhD
Show Details39min 43s
Episode 60: Rick Bata, LMFT
Show Details35min 45s
Episode 59: Trauma Therapist Live!: Essential skills
Show Details18min 35s
Episode 58: Carla Smith Stover, PhD
Show Details39min 50s
Episode 57: Jim Struve, LCSW
Show Details39min 18s
Episode 56: Sebern Fisher, MA, LMH, BCN
Show Details47min 52s
Episode 55: Guy Macpherson, PhD: The Trauma Therapist Live!
Show Details20min 24s
Episode 54: Lisa Ferentz, LCSW-C, DAPA
Show Details49min 10s
Episode 53: Dori Laub, MD
Show Details39min 35s
Episode 52: Thema Bryant-Davis, PhD
Show Details47min 50s
Episode 51: Jamie Marich PhD, LPCC-S, LICDC
Show Details34min 4s
Episode 50: Geri Lynn Weinstein-Matthews, MSW, LICSW
Show Details41min 38s
Episode 49: Nina K. Thomas, PhD
Show Details48min 30s
Episode 48: Anna B. Baranowsky, Ph.D.
Show Details35min 9s
Episode 47: Laurence Heller, PhD
Show Details39min 9s
Episode 46: Linda Gantt, PhD
Show Details40min 18s
Episode 45: Ghislane Boulanger, PhD
Show Details46min 47s
Episode 44: Lt. Eric Strom
Show Details38min
Episode 43: Kathy Steele, MN, CS
Show Details36min 37s
Episode 42: Don McCasland, LCSW
Show Details40min 37s
Episode 41: Becky Thompson
Show Details40min 5s
Episode 40: Guy Macpherson, PhD: The Trauma Therapist Live!
Show Details23min 16s
Episode 39: Ellen Lacter, PhD
Show Details46min 39s
Episode 38: Peter Levine, PhD (Part 2 of 2)
Show Details26min 39s
Episode 37: Peter Levine, PhD (Part 1 of 2)
Show Details42min 57s
Episode 35: Staci Haines
Show Details38min 33s
Episode 36: Larry Decker, PhD
Show Details53min 28s
Episode 34: George Rhoades, PhD
Show Details49min 54s
Episode 33: Lisa Danylchuk, LMFT
Show Details54min 8s
Episode 32: Penny Parks
Show Details30min 46s
Episode 31: Steven Gold, PhD
Show Details35min
Episode 30: Christine A. Courtois, PhD, ABPP
Show Details33min 57s
Episode 29: Kevin Davis
Show Details31min 38s
Episode 28: Rick Goodwin, MSW RSW
Show Details34min 53s
Episode 27: Christine Forner, BA, BSW, MSW
Show Details29min 19s
Episode 26: Mark Lagon, PhD
Show Details31min 27s
Episode 25: Douglas Walker, PhD
Show Details32min 55s
Episode 24: Fran Waters, MSW, DCSW, LMFT
Show Details56min 17s
Episode 23: Guy Macpherson, PhD. The Trauma Therapist Live!: The Power of Presence.
Show Details12min 28s
Episode 22: Diya Kallivayalil, PhD
Show Details33min 31s
Episode 21: Gil Reyes, PhD
Show Details44min 49s
Episode 20: Kathleen Kendall-Tackett, Ph.D., IBCLC, FAPA
Show Details40min 17s
Episode 19: Guy Macpherson, PhD
Show Details15min 21s
Episode 18: Colin Ross, MD
Show Details41min 30s
Episode 17: Charles R. Figley, Ph.D.
Show Details42min 9s
Episode 16: Eli Somer, PhD
Show Details34min 12s
Episode 15: Mary Jo Barrett, MSW
Show Details47min 39s
Episode 14: Steven Berkowitz, MD
Show Details37min 49s
Episode 13: David Grand, PhD
Show Details42min 49s
Episode 12: Annita B Jones, PsyD
Show Details31min 29s
Episode 11: Maggie Phillips, PhD
Show Details42min 25s
Episode 9: Bill Bowen, MFA, LMT
Show Details54min 6s
Episode 10: Paul Valent, MBBS, DPM, FRANZCP
Show Details34min 8s
Episode 8: Susan Pease Banitt, LCSW
Show Details42min 53s
Episode 7: Gerald Vest, ACSW, LISW, LMT
Show Details51min 54s
Episode 6: Mary Sise, LCSW, DCEP
Show Details42min 2s
Episode 5: Ann Goelitz, PhD, LCSW-R
Show Details38min 22s
Episode 3: Janina Fisher, PhD
Show Details51min 11s
Episode 4: A. Steven Frankel PhD, JD, ABPP
Show Details46min 46s
Episode 1: Welcome to The Trauma Therapist Podcast
Show Details6min 52s
Episode 2: Linda Curran, BCPC, LPC, CACD
Show Details45min 42s