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The Animal Advocate

A show for vegans and animal activists about the social aspects of navigating the world as an ally to all animals, and how to be the most effective advocate you can be for them.


The Psychology Of Stubborn Meat Eaters Unpacked (feat. Dr. Melanie Joy)
Show Details32min 15s
Use Your Strengths To Help Animals - The Movement Needs Your Unique Skills.
Show Details50min 32s
The Chicken I Failed To Rescue
Show Details44min 44s
Humans Are Idiots (yes, you and me too)
Show Details49min 11s
"Rape" vs "Artificial Insemination" - Which One Should We Say & Why?
Show Details41min 8s
One Simple Tip To Get Your Message Heard
Show Details55min 36s
The Easy Way To Counter Every Argument Against Veganism.
Show Details55min 20s
How To Make Conversations About Veganism EASY & Stop Stressing Over What To Say
Show Details37min 11s
How To Outreach Anywhere Anytime Without Being Pushy Or Awkward
Show Details16min 48s
How To Be A Calm Vegan - Staying Zen In The Face Of Excuses, Stupidity, & Willful Ignorance
Show Details49min 15s
Helping Animals From Home: What You Can Do While In Lockdown
Show Details42min 58s
How To Be A Confident Animal Advocate - 5 Steps To Outreach Mastery.
Show Details47min 35s