Ep. 602 An Insider's Guide to Crypto Derivatives with SwapGlobal

46m | May 21, 2024

In this episode of Crypto 101, hosts Bryce Paul and Brendan Viehman dive deep into the complex world of crypto derivatives and options with Yev Feldman, co-founder of Swap Global. Feldman shares his transition from traditional finance at Bank of America to the dynamic sector of crypto, particularly his time at BlockFi, before venturing into creating a platform that caters to institutional investors with tailored derivatives solutions. The discussion illuminates the nuances of trading crypto options, the lack of easy access to these financial instruments for U.S. residents, and the potential implications of crypto-based ETFs on market dynamics. Feldman also touches on his vision for Swap Global, aiming to bridge the gap between institutional financial structures and the burgeoning world of crypto assets.

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