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XTRA: Life & Style Unscripted

Xtra: Life & Style Unscripted is led by host Christina Glickman: think Oprah meets Gucci. 

This show is an honest, unscripted, puffy sleeve salute goodbye to the days of following the rules of anyone but your own. It’s permission to do life differently.

Christina infuses her wisdom as a mother of four, uber successful businesswoman and jaw dropping fashion visionary into conversations around edgy motherhood, fashion, entrepreneurship, and aging. Plus a little bit of everything in between. 

She'll show you how a pair of scissors, some paper towels and a white t-shirt can change your life.

Join TEDx Speaker, best-selling author and founder of the Xtra Love Army movement as we learn together how to shift your energy into greater possibility for a life unscripted. A life on your terms.


Built by Our Wounds. An Invitation to Heal Differently.
Show Details11min 34s
Hard is Hard. Pick Your Hard.
Show Details13min 15s
Happiness. What It Means and What's Getting In The Way
Show Details12min 16s
Paris Fashion Week 2022: The Story
Show Details14min 41s
Protecting Ourselves is Sometimes Robbing Ourselves
Show Details11min 35s
Permission to say YES when you think you should say NO
Show Details11min 37s
Asking WHY & WHY NOT: Digging Deep Inside These Mighty Words
Show Details12min 34s
Imagine If I Come Undone. Imagine If I Don't
Show Details11min 46s
How I Feel About Ryder Turning 18 & How to Suck the Life Out of This Human Experience
Show Details12min 53s
The World Isn't Ending and Neither Are You
Show Details12min 8s
What I've Learned in 20 Years of Marriage: The Playbook
Show Details16min 14s
Are You a Hope Injector or a Dream Crusher?
Show Details11min 55s
6 1/2 Reasons You Should Go For It
Show Details13min 12s
Words Are Powerful. Use Them For Good.
Show Details11min 40s
Living In a State of Emergency & How to Lessen It
Show Details12min 32s
Evolve & Repeat. Have You Changed? I Hope So
Show Details13min 53s
5 Neon Flashing Signs You’re a People Pleaser & Why It Needs to Stop
Show Details12min 21s
The Death of Small Talk & An Invitation to More
Show Details11min 55s
Family Travel: My Top Tips to Creating Epic Trips
Show Details14min 25s
The Golden Toilet Seat & Shooting Rainbows. Happiness Doesn't Just Happen
Show Details11min 37s
Are You a Rescuer? How to Stop Saving People
Show Details12min 54s
You Are an Entrepreneur. A LIFE Entrepreneur
Show Details11min 37s
This Is Not the Story I Want to Tell Myself. Stay the Course, My Loves
Show Details12min 37s
What If I Just Stop? How Stopping Helped Me Start
Show Details11min 2s
Your Birthday Party Dinner Table. The Guest List
Show Details12min 32s
Let’s Be Clear. Your Experience Will Never Take Away From Mine
Show Details13min 18s
5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me About Being a Mother
Show Details12min 42s
Pajamas In a Hotel Lobby: Cleaning Up Lies We Tell Ourselves
Show Details11min 32s
Meet Me Where I Am. Not Where You Want Me To Be.
Show Details11min 36s
I'm Not Here Right Now, Please Leave a Message.
Show Details11min 44s
How Making Hot Dogs Made Me
Show Details13min 12s
It's Simple, Really. Love is Everything
Show Details13min 47s
Dear Me, I Am Ready To Let You Go.
Show Details13min 12s
What's Mine. What's Yours.
Show Details14min 4s
No One Cares About You. Isn't that Fantastic.
Show Details10min 40s
A Dress. A Dream. And Why You Can Have Both.
Show Details11min 38s
Living Life Xtra: It’s Not What You Think
Show Details12min 10s
Permission Slip to Motherhood
Show Details15min 7s
The Haircut That Changed My Life
Show Details12min 4s
How Honoring an Ending Invites in a Beginning
Show Details11min 48s
The Staircase: A Scary Story & Listening to Your Gut
Show Details14min 21s
For The Love, Stop Explaining Yourself
Show Details10min 24s
How I Wrote My Book in the Starbucks Drive-Thru
Show Details10min 50s
We Regret to Inform You: The Beauty of a NO
Show Details11min 44s
Confidence is the Best Article of Clothing You Will Ever Own
Show Details10min 42s
The ICK Test: What It is and Why it’s My Lifeline
Show Details10min 45s
Please Stop Telling Me How To Live My Life
Show Details10min 30s
How Two Creative Superstars From an HBO Show Ended Up in My Closet
Show Details22min
5 Lessons from My First TEDx Talk
Show Details12min 54s
The Trailer
Show Details2min 11s