Did I Miss Anything?

Blockbusters, Oscar winners, hit TV shows, and critically acclaimed albums that are considered great by many and pillars in pop culture… Except we’ve never seen or heard any of them until now. In this comedy podcast, we're going to experience all of them for the first time, and every show we'll be giving our take on these seemingly popular works of art and wondering what the big deal is or, if in fact, we missed anything.

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Episode #45 - The Babadook
Show Details32min 36s
Episode #44 - Coco
Show Details38min 25s
Episode #43 - Corpse Bride
Show Details29min 8s
Episode #42 - Million Dollar Baby
Show Details51min 15s
Episode #41 - DAMN.
Show Details30min 43s
Episode #40 - The Day After Tomorrow
Show Details23min 54s
Episode #39 - Toy Story 4
Show Details23min 53s
Episode #38 - John Wick
Show Details58min 15s
Episode #37 - The Matrix
Show Details43min 3s
Episode #36 - Point Break
Show Details51min 30s
Episode #35 - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure
Show Details39min
Episode #34 - Ladybird
Show Details42min 31s
Episode #33 - Abbey Road
Show Details23min
Episode #32 - Crazy Rich Asians
Show Details46min 58s
Episode #31 - My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Show Details35min 31s
Episode #30 - Kramer vs. Kramer
Show Details38min 34s
Episode #29 - Eighth Grade
Show Details35min 36s
Episode #28 - The Full Monty
Show Details32min 44s
Episode #27 - A Quiet Place
Show Details42min 34s
Episode #26 - Best in Show
Show Details34min 14s
Episode #25 - Up
Show Details55min 58s
Episode #24 - Brokeback Mountain
Show Details34min 13s
Episode #23 - Paddington 2
Show Details37min 32s
Episode #22 - The Fast and the Furious
Show Details37min 12s
Episode #21 - Inside Out
Show Details34min 37s
Episode #20 - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Show Details30min 13s
Episode #19 - Spotlight
Show Details41min 36s
Episode #18 - Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison
Show Details18min 32s
Episode #17 - Zack Snyder's Justice League
Show Details31min 29s
Episode #16 - Rebel Without A Cause
Show Details43min 18s
Episode #15 - Heathers
Show Details41min 5s
Episode #14 - La La Land
Show Details41min 19s
Episode #13 - Booksmart
Show Details55min 7s
Episode #12 - Boyhood
Show Details25min 35s
Episode #11 - Pinkerton
Show Details13min 46s
Episode #10 - The Big Short
Show Details40min 15s
Episode #9 - No Country for Old Men
Show Details55min 11s
Episode #8 - Mad Max: Fury Road
Show Details46min 28s
Episode #7 - Ted Lasso
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode #6 - Annie Hall
Show Details33min
Episode #5 - Knives Out
Show Details40min 43s
Episode #4 - Die Hard
Show Details41min 4s
Episode #3 - Uncut Gems
Show Details11min 42s
Episode #2 - Casablanca
Show Details19min 57s
Episode #1 - Parasite
Show Details48min 40s