Nova Conversations

Hosted by a field biologist and founder of Nova Conservation, these are interviews & stories about working in wildlife: the good (a career with passion and purpose!), the bad (job security! moving a lot!) and the ugly (being exploited to work for free!).

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005: Listen, Learn, and Conserve Locally (w/ María Dabrowski)
Show Details50min 30s
004: Hard Work & No Pay (w/ Meredith Heather)
Show Details57min 11s
003: Realizing your Potential in a Pandemic (w/ Mario Shimbov)
Show Details51min 23s
002: Paying thousands to lay concrete in the Amazon? Blatant Exploitation w/ Emily Davis
Show Details51min 48s
001: A Conversation with Myself
Show Details50min 34s
000: Why Nova Conversations?
Show Details7min 19s