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23m | Apr 19, 2024

Imagine a paranormal investigative reality show that left no doubt in your mind. Imagine a show with complete and total transparency. Imagine ending each episode without question about what you just witnessed. Envision a show that tells you like it is, uncensored, brutally honest, and wholeheartedly real. Rick Hale and Stephen Lancaster are going to deliver just that.

No producers. No camera crew. No storywriters. No advertising. No lies.

Paranormal Investigators and authors Rick Hale and Stephen Lancaster have researched the paranormal since the 1990s. Both researchers have published best-selling paranormal books. Rick also contributes to Spooky Isles.

Stephen has appeared on various paranormal programs on Travel Channel, A&E, Biography, and Discovery+. For three years, Hale and Lancaster have hosted a paranormal talk and TV hybrid known as, The Shadow Initiative Paranormal Talk & TV. The show is currently streaming on Scareplex.

In 2018, Lancaster released the #1 paranormal documentary on IMDB, and now Scareplex concerning the most haunted restaurant in the world. Fantome: The Haunting of Brentwood Wine Bistro was first released on Amazon Prime before landing on the paranormal powerhouse, Scareplex. Stephen has spent the past twenty years studying audio and video production so he could completely cut out the industry from his projects. "The industry lies. We don't need them when we can do this ourselves," said Stephen.

For decades, Stephen and Rick have yearned to see paranormal programming exposed for fraud and reformatted to suit the true nature of investigating the unknown. The two veteran paranormal researchers want to pave the way and set a new standard for paranormal investigative shows. And they have the winning formula brewing.

There's a lot of secrecy behind the scenes on this upcoming new paranormal series. The idea is magnificent, transparent, and without a doubt, a complete game changer for not only the field of paranormal research but paranormal entertainment as we know it.

Currently, Stephen and Rick are dotting the I's and crossing the T's to protect their creation from replication and plagiarism. The first season of the currently untitled paranormal reality show will consist of 6 episodes, following one haunting.

As this project develops, all contributors will be kept in the loop with behind-the-scenes footage, blog posts, photos, and video updates from Stephen and Rick. Investors will gain access to a member-only investor site that will allow them to follow along during the production of the show. Each investor will receive early access to the six-episode series before it is released to the public.

This is the paranormal show every honest-to-goodness, passionate paranormal enthusiast has been waiting for. But, we need your help to do it. For the six-episode first season, we are budgeted out at $12,000 to deliver our vision exactly as expected. Six, 45-minute episodes of paranormal investigating, that we promise, you have NEVER seen before. Our unadapted format will set the bar high for all future paranormal programming.

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