Open Late

Welcome to Open Late, a deep dive into all things relationships. Let’s explore the multi-faceted, frequently misunderstood, dynamics of polyamory and what being “open” even means.  Each week you’ll hear all about my personal journey with Opening Up, and uncovering the deep, complicated, and occasionally kinky layers of our hearts as expressed in the ways we love others and ourselves. If you're interested in discovering how your relationships can be a vehicle for self-discovery and growth, or maybe just looking for new ways to spice up your life, then you've come to the right place. 


18. SOLO | The Danger of “The One”
Show Details21min 40s
17. Connecting Sexuality and Spirituality with Deborah Kagan
Show Details45min 39s
16. Room for Three: Meeting My Other Love with Lauren Urbiztondo
Show Details45min 51s
15. Getting Catfished, Scary Experiences, and Healing From Trauma with Ginger Banks
Show Details42min 21s
14. The Art of: Healing, Trauma, and Divorce with Lea Fisher
Show Details45min 15s
13. Communication and Clarity: The Importance of Language with Madison Girifalco
Show Details38min 22s
12. [Bonus] The Open Late Dictionary launch
Show Details5min 42s
11. [Bonus] Live Q&A from the Open Late Launch Party Moderated by Kurt Maloney
Show Details31min 17s
10. [Bonus] Life Before the Open Marriage: Live Q+A with Steve Cha
Show Details41min 40s
9. When to Close the Relationship with Bianca Taylor
Show Details32min 9s
8. When a Single Guy Tries out Ethical Non-Monogamy with Kurt Maloney
Show Details54min 49s
7. The Game of Polyamory: Men vs. Women with Daniela Tudor and Julie Comeau
Show Details44min 30s
6. Lessons and Struggles of an Open Relationship with Pasha Esfandiary
Show Details53min 45s
5. Opening to Intimacy, Connection, and Plant Medicine with Kelli Moore
Show Details41min 13s
4. Testing Boundaries and Leaning into Desire with Steve Cha
Show Details37min 35s
3. Your Partner is NOT Your Superhero & Compersion Explained with Chloe Francke
Show Details31min 56s
2. The Aftermath of the Accidental Threesome with Marialuisa Ferro
Show Details42min 38s
1. The Accidental Threesome with Ginger Banks
Show Details38min 54s
Open Late - The Trailer
Show Details1min 12s