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El Show De Jangueo

Dj Boogy has been influenced artistically with a vast majority of musical genres. Being a Dominican descendant, music like Merengue,Bachata and Salsa was at full force in his family household. This strong connection to his roots can still be heard in his mixing qualities as an adult.

For the love of music, DJ Boogy progressed as a young adult with one vision in mind and that was to entertain the public demonstrating the love of music that was instilled in him at a young age. He met various people from the music industry that have shown to be strong influences in his life and that have helped him throughout his career.

With his new found confidence, he has been able to work at various clubs, concerts, cruises and events in Florida, Indianapolis,California,New York & Chicago.With the success of his radio show "El Show De Jangueo", DJ Boogy has built his listeners from Mexico,Italy, France, Denmark, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States. El Show De Jangueo has also been syndicated with the radio stations in Indianapolis.  

Throughout the years Djing, DJ Boogy has opened up for numerous artists like Anuel, Ozuna, Daddy Yankee & Alex Sensation.

IG- @djboogy