Life With A Covert Stutter With Actor & Bestselling Author Jayne Amelia Larson

Season 2
28m | Mar 22, 2024

Jayne Amelia Larson is an actor, voiceover artist, bestselling author and podcaster. Jayne shares with Maya her journey of covert stuttering and her struggle with being open about her stutter over the course of her career.

They also talk about Jayne's family dynamics, acting in Judging Amy, and her difficult experience with recording the audio version of her bestselling book, 'Driving the Saudis.'

Episode breakdown

00:50 Jayne's Journey with Stuttering and Covert Stuttering

02:12 The Challenges of Stuttering in Professional Voice Over Work

04:35 Family Dynamics and the Impact on Stuttering

20:26 The Complex Relationship Between Trauma and Stuttering

23:57 Exploring Acting as a Tool for Managing Stuttering


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