A College Freshman Who Stutters Talks About Finding Self Worth

Season 2
32m | Feb 9, 2024

Lorenzo Becerra is a college freshman who stutters. He is studying to be a speech pathologist. When he thinks about his future, he envisions a happy life. But, he didn’t always see his stutter as something to be proud of. 

“I put some of my self worth in speaking. And since I couldn't speak that well, my self worth was down.”

How do you find self-worth with a stutter? 

Episode breakdown

02:39 Lorenzo and Maya’s Stuttering Experiences

04:12 The Power Behind Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

07:19 The Importance of Having A Support System

10:16 The Power of Visualization

11:40 Shifting Views on Stuttering

22:05 The Struggle of Fitting In

26:44 Empowerment and Role Models

29:50 The Power of the Stuttering Community

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