Stuttering At Work: How A Childhood Memory Transformed A Career

Season 2
28m | Jan 26, 2024

Sammar Farooqi is a person who stutters based in Dubai. He’s an executive at SAP where he explains complex technology to people on a daily basis. Sammar shares his experiences with stuttering starting from his childhood, the mocking he faced, and how he used a traumatic event to motivate himself to become a successful communicator in the technology space. 

He offers some communication techniques that have helped him navigate the corporate world and how he adapted to a new communication environment during the pandemic.

Episode breakdown

02:21 Sammar's Childhood Memories and Stuttering

05:04 Turning Trauma into Motivation

07:04 Communication and Delivery

08:17 Navigating Stuttering in a Corporate World

11:11 Communication Techniques in the Workplace

20:15 Adapting Communication Techniques during COVID-19

21:59 Stuttering in the Workplace

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