Stuttering and Music: Interview with emcdouble, professional recording artist

Season 2
25m | Jan 12, 2024

David Mayan, aka emcdouble, is a professional recording artist based in Queens, New York. He also stutters. 

David shares how he initially used music as a form of therapy to manage his stuttering and how this later formed the basis for his versatile musical style, melding elements of hip hop, Spanish music, and electronic fusions.

Episode breakdown

02:56 Stuttering and Music

03:46 Growing Up with Stuttering

08:01 Stuttering and Parenting

09:24 Stuttering and Language Learning

13:09 Music, Stuttering, and Identity

15:46 Stuttering and Public Perception

18:21 Final Thoughts

From the episode

Check out David’s new mixtape and more of his music on Spotify

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Track at the beginning of the episode: JUJUMADEIT - Slain Cypher ft. Various Emcees

Host & Producer & Editor: Maya Chupkov

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