Navigating Stuttering, Poverty, and Racism in the American South

Season 2
31m | Dec 1, 2023

Isaac Bailey is a stutterer, author, and professor. His book, 'My Brother Moochie', details his family's struggles after his eldest brother was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Isaac talks about growing up poor, black, and with a stutter in the South, his traumatic family history, and his realization that being a stutterer is a part of his identity rather than an impediment. He also opens up about how he turned to writing, as it granted him a different way of sharing his voice. 

Isaac offers advice about being comfortable with your stutter and the importance of knowing that your voice matters, no matter how you talk.

01:26 Growing up with a stutter 

09:49 On the road to acceptance

14:02 Stuttering and journalism 

17:38 Isaac's book, My Brother Moochie

22:02 Dating with a stutter and finding support from his wife

27:38 Isaac's final thoughts and advice 

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