How Motherhood Transformed This Attorney's Relationship With Her Stutter

Season 2
32m | May 17, 2024

This episode celebrates Mental Health Awareness Month and Stuttering Awareness Week. Casey Combs is an attorney. She's also a new mother. How did motherhood change her relationship with her stutter? What was it like going to law school with a stutter and how did she land a job that accepted her speech? From dark thoughts to becoming more accepting, Casey explains why it's okay to have big feelings around stuttering.

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Today also marks the launch of the ROCK OF HOPE film crowdfunding campaign. Support Maya and her team of stuttering filmmakers by making a pledge to the campaign today. The filmmakers need to reach 80% of their goal or they get nothing. 

If you'd like to support but just can't afford to support monetarily, you can:

  • Click "Follow" on the campaign on Seed&Spark! This is almost as beneficial as pledging because once we hit 250 "followers," regardless of how many people pledge, they'll start unlocking creator discounts for this and future projects.
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