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The Winding Roads Podcast

You’ve found the Winding Roads podcast, hosted by Jason and Isaac! We’re two friends who are sitting in the driveway just chatting about cars over some drinks, while two of our favorite cars are sitting behind us shining in the sun. We never know where the conversation will go, but we hope you join us!


21. Yugo sighting, F1 engines, Monaco in trouble, Summer road trips
Show Details27min 10s
Show Details35min 50s
19: Jason's kit car find, Racing a Tesla, Electric charging problems
Show Details25min 47s
18: ATVs, Auto Malls, Audi Warnings, 80s fads
Show Details52min 34s
17. Our thoughts on Maserati, What the Qvale?, Death Wobble, Jason wants to go to Sturgis, De-Badging
Show Details50min 11s
16. Supra News!, Pros and Cons of electric motorcycles, driving with the windows down, Chevy Berettas
Show Details49min 11s
15. The Mercedes EQS is all Glass! Dual Volute Turbos, Air Suspension, Sport packages, and more.
Show Details50min 9s
14. Proper warm up procedure, Why do people hate CVTs, Radar Detectors, Autobahn driving
Show Details59min 33s
13: Old neon lights, How the car market is affecting buying decisions, How do you park?
Show Details1hr 2min
12:Jason goes to a car show, Maintaining a $100,000 car, GR Carolla
Show Details54min 29s
11: Loving summer tires again, Planning summer road trips
Show Details52min 13s
10: Special Guest - Emerson from EmosGarage
Show Details1hr 5min
9: Philly Auto Show Special
Show Details54min 19s
8:Radwood is coming to town, Jason tries to stump Isaac
Show Details48min 48s
7: Rivian Sighting, How does Jason like his dash cam, "Roads" driving app
Show Details50min 47s
6: Isaac is always talking cars, Do people try to race you
Show Details50min 29s
5:Jason's model cars, Isaac's wash routine, headlight technologies
Show Details50min 57s
3:Golf R vs Mazda3 Turbo AWD, Back into the S3, wheel sizes compared
Show Details51min 30s
4: Jason's dash cam, bad driving rant, FINALLY SNOW!
Show Details46min 22s
2: Rotary tools, TDI's, Lincoln trucks
Show Details59min 15s
1: Lincoln MkVIII lover, first car memory, daily driving a Cayman, CVT's
Show Details55min 56s