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Bossy Heels by Elena Daccus

Weekly show for women entrepreneurs, experts, coaches, consultants. I interview top performers, coaches, personal development experts. We share self-discovery tools, productivity and time management hacks and sales tactics, business success strategies to help you create a multi-million dollar business and live your best life while doing it.

Elena is serial entrepreneur, founder and CEO with over 20 years of mergers and acquisitions experience. She has bought and sold over 50 companies worth over $10 Billion and opened the lids to hundreds of businesses. She knows what works and what does not, what sell and what does not. She is the international speaker, coach and a go to expert for the world's top founders CEOs and experts to scale their business to the next level.

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7 Reasons You Are Not Making Sales You Want In Your Business
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5 Quick Cash Strategies You Can Implement Now To Bring Cash Injection Into Your Business
Show Details23min 29s
Unlock A Key To Having Incredible Relationships and Becoming A Confident Wife with Debra B Hamilton
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Practical No Nonsense Guide To Manifesting What You Want
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How To Create Money On Demand
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Skyrocket Your Business Working 10 Hours Per Week With Holly Haynes
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How To Get People To Stop Everything They Are Doing and Pay Attention To Your Message
Show Details11min 27s
How To Immediately Find More Time In Life
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One Skill You Need To Buy Your Dream House Or A Dream Holiday
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Top Webinar Mistakes That Get Your People To Say NO
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How To Tap Into Power Of Your Intuition To Skyrocket Your Business
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How To Bring More Leads To Your Business Without Paying for Ads
Show Details37min 9s
4 Growth Hacks For Your Expert, Coaching Business
Show Details33min 28s
Your Top Sales and Productivity Questions Answered
Show Details19min 15s
So many people have exactly the same goals, but only few actually achieve them. Why is that? What is the secrets behind truly successful people?
Show Details19min 20s
How To Bio Hack Your Hormones for Productivity
Show Details37min
How to get clear on your mission, your legacy and imprint you will leave on this world.
Show Details10min 7s
How To Create Consistent High Ticket Sales as Expert, Coach
Show Details33min 11s
How To Improve Your Brand Visibility With Raimonda Jan
Show Details40min 55s
How To Create Successful Membership With Stu Mclaren
Show Details16min 37s
How to grow your business during times of uncertainty?
Show Details9min 38s
Interview with Dr. Erin - Money Mindset, Money Blocks and Limiting Beliefs - How to resolve them!
Show Details53min 16s
Interview with Alex Hormozi - Your path to a multimillion dollar business.
Show Details1hr 7min
Mindset - Why you are not doing what you know you should?
Show Details12min 36s
How to 3X Your business using virtual stages
Show Details15min 45s
How To Set 2022 Goals You Will Jump Out of the Bed For
Show Details25min 50s
Best Hacks For Your 2021 Business Review
Show Details20min 2s
High Ticket Sales with Natasha Leya
Show Details49min 55s
How To Use Storytelling To Skyrocket Your Sales with Kymberlee Weil
Show Details48min 10s
How To Skyrocket Your Sales in Your Expert Business
Show Details48min 56s
6 Most Common Mistakes Experts, Coaches, Consultants Make and How to Avoid Them
Show Details35min 41s
Productivity and Time Management as a Wife and a Mother
Show Details38min 7s
Your Top Business Questions Answered
Show Details45min 5s
4 Ways How To Shortcut Your Learning
Show Details21min 59s
7 Powerful Ways To Bring More Customers To Your Business
Show Details24min 55s
6 Steps To Passive Income in Your Coaching Business
Show Details23min 4s
How To Make Offers So Good People Will Feel Silly Saying No To Them
Show Details21min 32s
If your entrepreneurial and growth journey feels lonely and not supported...
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How to Get Good at sales, so that everything else is irrelevant...
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7 Tips How to Set Goals so you actually achieve them with ease...
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5 Top Tips How to sell your offer without feeling icky
Show Details21min 53s
"From traumatic childhood to accomplishing all wildest dreams before 40..." My Interview with best selling author Suyoung Kim
Show Details37min 47s
If your family does not support your business idea...
Show Details10min 31s
The Success Secret I have learned from elite athletes...
Show Details9min 21s
From Purpose to Prosperity. How Finding Your Authentic Self can help build the Business of Your Dreams?
Show Details45min 28s
5 Productivity Hacks that will 10X your Efficiency
Show Details14min 16s
How to define your ideal client and customer? And what people actually buy?
Show Details14min 18s
Story about asking for help early
Show Details9min 5s
5 Top Tips to Winning Your Morning and Winning Your Day
Show Details15min 32s
5 Practical tools to change your limiting beliefs!
Show Details21min 49s
Mindset Reset Coaching ( How to win in 2021)
Show Details52min 27s
6 Steps to create a service business that can thrive without you!
Show Details18min 50s
How to set your goals for 2021
Show Details13min 50s
What is Human design? How it can help you optimize your energy levels at work and life.
Show Details59min 40s