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5min Thoughts

I am a young adult navigating through various challenges in my life. I have specific learning disability which makes it difficult for me to write down my thoughts and keep my attention for long. In this (almost) daily 'audiolgs', I will be talking about the problems I have faced that day, something that struck me, something that made me particularly happy ... I do not really know where this will be going therefore, if you have spare 5 min join me and realise that you are not alone have trouble in life and not everyone is perfect.


Racist Encounter
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New iMac! 420 Apple Event | Tech
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Ramadan and Uni Work
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Destruction of Mother Nature
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University Life | True Cost
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Zero Nothing
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Uni & British Citizenship | True Cost
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Student Finance England | Speed Run
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Train Driver
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Treating Failure
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Random Walk to the shop
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Child or Adult?
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Why, What, How?
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Life of a Coconut
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Mental health
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Half a dozen eggs ??
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Reaching Minimalism
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Why audiologs
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Quick Trip
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Removable Arms
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Empty Childhood --> Solitude?
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Right Palm Scratch Prophecy
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Jump Start
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