34m | Nov 9, 2021
In this episode of Thrive Underwater, Shani and Autumn discuss the challenges parents of autistic children face with work/ life balance...or just life balance in general. And, this podcast isn't just for those with full-time jobs! Stay-at-home parenting and trying to balance life presents its own set of challenges! Learning to listen and to identify your needs is the first step in the process of balancing life! Mindfulness is a great tool for this! Plus, it is time to fire the inner drill sargeant! For more information about Mindfulness, here are some handy tools for the TOOLBOX! Insight Timer Meditation App: Tara Brach for Mindfulness and Meditation: Kristin Neff, Self-Compassion Expert: And check out our Facebook Group! : If you want to reach out to us about a show topic, please email at: And, as always, please rate and subscribe to our show! Thanks for listening! See ya on the flipside!
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