S2 | E4 THRIVE THE SUMMER- Caregiver Burnout

33m | Jun 8, 2022
In this episode of Thrive Underwater, Shani and Autumn discuss the challenges facing parents of autistic children during summer break. Even though summer is such a fun time for everyone, the truth is our mental health can take a back seat. Shani and Autumn have a conversation about Caregiver Burnout. Though there are many areas where burnout can creep in, these are the 5 discussed in this episode: Lack of ResourcesLack of AutonomyCreativity Brain BurnoutTravelMental Load BUT, as always, they don’t leave you without some handy tools! Here are the tools discussed: Setting your intention for the dayLowering expectationsCreating a creativity cheatsheetCarving out some “me” timeYOU ARE NOT ALONE! Thrive Underwater will return in August for more great mental health validation and tools for our fabulous group of parents! Happy Summer! DON’T Forget to SIGN-UP for our THRIVE UNDERWATER newsletter for the FREE Thrive the Summer printables at our website: RESOURCES: SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE: 1-800-273-8255 WEB MD Article on Burnout: THRIVE UNDERWATER/HOLIDAY HITLIST Season 1/ Episode 4: Insight Timer Meditation App – Kritin Neff- Email: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: Instagram: Facebook Community: Keep on Thriving!
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