33m | Oct 22, 2021
We all do it. We compare. We compare ourselves to what we think we should be, to others, and even...ugh...our kids to other kids. Comparison isn't always a bad thing! We can use this technique for evaluation, and with the right mindset, it will lead to a better world for us and for others. The sharp side of the knife is when the end goal isn't for growth. In this episode, Shani and Autumn talk about comparison. It is a natural occurance because of our brains. It doesn't mean we are bad. It means we are human! The problem with comparison is it can lead to us feeling bad about ourselves and others. It is a trap, and we can get caught in it. It is important to remember comparison is a normal reaction in our brain! TOOLBOX Gratitude. Do it when you can, however you can. It doesn't have to be a journal...though it can be! And, if you cannot think of anything you are grateful for, try Shani's method: One grateful that is LOCAL, one grateful that is GLOBAL, one grateful that is PERSONAL.MANTRAS- Pick an easy mantra you can remember when you feel yourself being pulled into a loop. For instance, "I am enough," or "Social Media is not real life."DEEP BREATHING
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