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HIGHER! Career Podcast

Welcome to the HIGHER! Career Podcast everyone. A show full of wicked stories from the job market and brilliant guest experts showing us how to succeed in it. Because we've all been there haven't we? It's time to get unstuck and make our dream careers happen. Let's go get it! -- With Nikki Symmons and Tom Zamzow

This show is all about exploring ways to navigate one's career with ease and how the seemingly secret language of the job market is not one we have to each learn by ourselves through painstaking experience. Whether you are concerned about recruitment and finding a job, interviewing like a champion or getting that promotion in your current job, we are sure that we have an episode or two in our collection that can help you out.

Every episode is driven by industry experts and business leaders from a wide range of fields. Entrepreneurship, corporate and the private sector, marketing and creative agencies, the World Wide Fund For Nature, media, you name it.

Not only do you get to know these industries better in case you want to start your career in them, or do a career transition/change towards them. You also get to learn from these experts how they have navigated their own careers and became successful. Our show is less about philosophy than it is about real-world, practical ways in which you can have that dream career for yourself. There are no one-size fits all solutions, we don't believe in the kind of platitudes you will find on social media. Start your own unique engine, find your power and values and enable them to bring them to work with you and forge the dream career for yourself. 

This means overcoming the 'my manager hates me' trap. This means being brave, vocal and present, even if you don't feel like or your energy profile is rather introverted than extroverted. This means learning how to say no in your job. This means leading teams and realising that you will only ever be as good as the people you manage and develop. This means gaining the presentation skills you need. This means learning when to leave a job, and how to leave a job. And then: how to either get a new job or start your own business. This means mastering social media and setting up your LinkedIn profile in a way that serves your entire career.

Nikki Symmons and Tom Zamzow created this show with two goals in mind. On the surface level, they have come to realise that all of us go through the same tough school of language learning. The language they speak of is the language of the job market and career development. It's a tough school, and it takes years to figure out how to be fluent in it. They endeavour to shorten this time period for you out there, make it easier for you to have a job, career or calling that you like and love. Which leads us to the second goal: 

Nikki and Tom want you to step up as leaders, and they want you to do it now. You see, they believe in careers as part of life, not just a 9-5 that you have to do. They believe in careers that can have a positive impact on the world. They believe in everyone finding their values, what they believe in, feel passionate about, and are willing to fight for. More than ever before, ordinary folk like us have the power to make real change happen. And not just in our personal lives. Showing up at work as a vocal advocate for one's values bears the potential to change companies from within. And in turn have companies invest their substantial resources to become better corporate citizens and make the world a better place. Nikki and Tom frequently talk about diversity, equity and inclusion, bring as many diverse guests as possible, and show their audience how careers in environmental sustainability can be incredibly exciting.

Why listen to Nikki and Tom? Because they have changed their own careers more frequently than you can count to do just what they are advocating for on this show: do not feel trapped in your job. Our values, motivations and reasons to get up in the morning change over time. And retaining the flexibility of mind, heart, CV (how to write a CV), motivation letter and skillset to brave these exciting changes effortlessly. 

So have a listen, have a laugh, learn a little and let's go get it!

Nikki and Tom


Ep 43 - "How to Recognise and Deal with Fear, Burnout & Toxic Culture" with Barb Garrison
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Ep 35 - "How to Rethink Failure in Your Career" with Coca Cola HBC's Duarte Garrido
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Ep 34 - January Special "Welcome to 2022!"
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Ep 33 - "How to Think about Your Career, Your Passion & Money" with Dan Mangena
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Ep 32 - December Special
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Ep 31 - "How to Find the Work You Love" with America's Career Coach Ken Coleman
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Ep 30 - November Special
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Ep 29 - "How to Leave Your Job" with MJW Careers' Matt Warzel
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Ep 28 - "How to Make Your Job into Your DREAM Job" with Working Simply's Carson Tate
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Ep 27 - "How to Persevere and Get Your Dream Career" with Jacqui Hurley
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Ep 26 - "How to Rock It Like an Introvert" with Melitta Campbell
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Ep 25 - Month of Skill: "How to Say Bye Bye to Stuckness" with Wiser Humans' Hiba Samawi
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Ep 24 - Month of Skill: "How to Be an Admired Leader" with Thunderbird School of Global Management's Suzanne Peterson
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Ep 23 - Month of Skill: "How to Start Over" with Fiona Moss
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Ep 22 - Month of Skill: "How to Break the Rules" with The Boss Queen Academy's Francesca Littler
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Ep 21 - June Special with the incomparable Susan McPherson
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Ep 20 - "How to: A Career In Advertising" - Agencies 101 with Proximity's Jules Howell, Creative Director
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Ep 19 - "How to: Be Your Client's Hero and Unstuck Your Career" - Agencies 101 with FMI's Nicola de Beer, Managing Director
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Ep 18 - "How to: Hustle in Advertising" - Agencies 101 with Savvy's Juan José Rodríguez Álvarez, Senior Account Director
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Ep 17 - May Special!
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Ep 16 - "How to: Nature Conservation" - Careers with Impact 101 with Crista Cullen MBE, Founder of The Tofauti Foundation
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Ep 15 - "How to Change Your Career and Make an Impact" - Careers with Impact 101 with Impact 17's Andrew Andrea, Co-Founder and Director
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Ep 14 - "How to Slay Giants" - Careers with Impact 101 with Infarm's Sudhanshu Sarronwala, Chief Impact Officer
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Ep 13 - April Special!
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Ep 12 - "How to: Lego" - Corporate 101 with Lego's Matt Guenigault, Associate Creative Director
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Ep 11 - "How to: Human Resources" - Corporate 101 with PILOT Inc's Ben Brooks, Founder and CEO
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Ep 10 - "How to: Sales" - Corporate 101 with Nike's Wanda Rozwadowska, Senior Director Sales at Nike
Show Details40min 21s
Ep 9 - March Special!!
Show Details34min 54s
Ep 8 - "How to Freelance like a Pro" with Laïla von Alvensleben, Head of Culture and Collaboration at MURAL
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Ep 7 - "How a Lighthouse Idea Can Spawn an Empire" with Rob Fajardo, CEO of Leave Normal Behind
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Ep 6 - "How to Side-Hustle like a Pro" with Cecelia Townes-Tyree, Founder of GladiatHers
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Ep 5 - "How to Build an Entrepreneurial Multiverse" with Johan Franzén, Founder and CEO of Entnest
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Ep 4 - February Special
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Ep 3 - "How to Make Authenticity Your Brand" with Anja Skvortsova, Partnership Director at Audeliss
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Ep 2 - "How to Interview Like a Complete Champion" with Shona Macdonald
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Ep 1 - "How to Be Visible on the Job Market" with Manuel Heichlinger, Director Recruiting and People EMEA at Samsara
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Ep 0 - "Welcome to Higher! everyone"
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