Behind The Muso

MüSeek presents, "Behind The Muso". This podcast series interviews a handful of underground musicians we have recently discovered and loved. We chat about some of their latest and greatest releases, their creative process, and what they have learnt.

We hope you enjoy as much as we did! :)

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Wham! Bam! KaZ.A.M! (Behind The Muso #5)
Show Details21min 23s
Telopia's Utopia (Behind The Muso #4)
Show Details12min 57s
The Next Calvin Harris? (Behind The Muso #3)
Show Details13min
The Rapper From Kolkata (Behind The Muso #2)
Show Details15min 45s
Crikey Mikey! (Behind The Muso #1)
Show Details10min 2s