Episode 7 - Cinderella in Black

6m | Nov 26, 2023

Note: We're back! Sorry for the delay. We had some skirting around to do with audio, but all is well now.

It's day 1 of the charity event and everyone's all dolled up. Including some familiar faces Edith wasn't expecting.


“The Lies that Bind”, based on the Wattpad novel by Della Kitt.

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Story written by - Della Kitt Twitter (NSFW)

Edited by - Reymond St. James

Sound Design by - Richter Studio and ZheGermanFlo

Voiced By

Rara as Edith Lima

MRichter as Kazmir Kolomna

ZheGermanFlo as Komarov Kolomna

Cremechu as Erika Lima

Katabelle Ansari as Celia Baldwin

Until next time!

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The Lies that Bind