Episode 5 - Indecision

6m | Jun 17, 2023

Apologies for the late upload! Our sound lead was swamped with work and with the time zones between him and I, ya know. But here's episode 5!


In this episode Edith starts having second thoughts, and it's not just about clothing. Will she back out on the arrangement?!

“The Lies that Bind”, based on the Wattpad novel by Della Kitt.

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Story written by - Della Kitt Twitter (NSFW)

Edited by - Reymond St. James

Sound Design by - Richter Studio and ZheGermanFlo

Voiced By

Rara as Edith Lima

Cremechu as Erika Lima

Reymond St. James as himself

MRichter as Kazmir Kolomna

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The Lies that Bind