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From Phenom To The Farm

"From Phenom to the Farm" is a bi-weekly series presented by Baseball America featuring interviews with former & current professional players that made the jump from high school directly to pro ball, and whose experiences vary across the professional baseball spectrum. Players will chronicle their personal experiences in transitioning from high school graduation directly into the life of a professional baseball player. 

The competition jump, adjusting to life on their own for the first time, handling money, learning professionalism, and other various aspects that a player encounters on their journey through the farm system. They’ll look back and provide insight on what they could’ve done, if anything, to be more prepared for life as a teenage professional athlete, and their opinions on what organizations should be doing to get the most out of their high school signees. 


Devin Mesoraco On Dealing With Struggles, Catching DeGrom & More
Show Details1hr 47min
Kayla Lombardo On The Little League Softball World Series & Her Role With Softball America
Show Details52min 42s
Chris Colabello On Going Undrafted, Playing Seven Years In Indy Ball, Fighting To Clear His Name & More
Show Details2hr 13min
Past Guests (Including Michael Roth, Russ Ortiz and Yonder Alonso) On Playing At The College World Series
Show Details37min 10s
Blake Allemand On Going From Walk-On To Four-Year Starter, Incorporating Switch-Hitting & More
Show Details1hr 7min
Sam Wolff On Growing As A Pitcher, The Difference Between AA And AAA Hitters & More
Show Details1hr 19min
Danny Black On Speed Changes, Nearly Quitting The Sport & Learning Work Ethic In Juco
Show Details1hr 32min
Ryan Dempster On His 16-Year Career, Being Traded, Learning From Greg Maddux & More
Show Details1hr 31min
Past Guests (Including Eric O’Flaherty, Billy Butler, and Richie Schaffer) Discuss Their First Year Of Pro Ball
Show Details34min 58s
Dallas Braden On Junior College, Throwing A Perfect Game & More
Show Details1hr 9min
Philip Humber On throwing A Perfect Game, Being Traded For Johan Santana & More
Show Details1hr 39min
Alan Zinter On 19 Years In Pro Ball, The Mental Approach To Hitting & More
Show Details2hr 12min
Jordan Pacheco On Converting To Catcher, Facing A Young Stephen Strasburg & More
Show Details1hr 19min
Ben Grieve On Winning AL Rookie Of The Year, Managing Expectations & More
Show Details1hr 10min
Jake Lowery On Life As A Prospect, Transitioning To Managing & More
Show Details1hr 9min
Jeff Malm on Transitioning to Pitching, Taking Ownership & More
Show Details1hr 22min
Jacob Turner On His Rapid Rise, How The Game Changed & More
Show Details52min 16s
Dontrelle Willis Talks Superstardom, Finding His Love For Baseball & More
Show Details44min 24s
How Players Navigate Free Agency
Show Details42min 47s
Gene Larkin On Becoming A World Series Hero
Show Details1hr 5min
Randall Thompson Founds Dugout Mugs After His Playing Days
Show Details55min 11s
Jack Cleary Embraced The Underdog Role
Show Details59min 46s
George Iskenderian On What A Good Agent Brings To The Table
Show Details54min 43s
Justin Seager On Growing Up In A Baseball Family
Show Details1hr 1min
ESPN's Mike Rooney On His Path Through College Baseball
Show Details1hr 18min
Josh Sale On Finding Sobriety, Stability And A Second Chance At Life And Baseball
Show Details52min
Chris Shelton On What It's Like To Be The Hottest Hitter In Baseball
Show Details1hr 12min
Chuckie Fick Discusses His Baseball Journey With Big League Bloodlines
Show Details58min 54s
Michael Roth Talks Unlikely Rise As Ace Pitcher
Show Details1hr 21min
Nightmare Bus Ride Stories From The Minor Leagues
Show Details28min 29s
Jonathan Perrin Breaks Down Baseball's Financial Side
Show Details42min 21s
All-American Karsten Whitson Talks Lessons Learned
Show Details1hr 6min
Eric Sim Makes High-Level Baseball Training His Hobby
Show Details1hr 22min
Ex-Minor League Pitcher Turned NFL Punter Zach Von Rosenberg
Show Details45min 32s
Luke Hagerty On His Unlikely Comeback From The Yips, Tommy John Rehab & More
Show Details1hr 11min
Tyler Watson On The Value of Juco Ball, Arm Angles & More
Show Details58min 19s
Yonder Alonso On Life As An All-Star, Adapting To America & More
Show Details1hr 8min
Barry Enright Explains His Bulldog Mentality
Show Details1hr 24min
Marcus Nidiffer On Life In The SEC, Cape League & Indy Ball
Show Details1hr 15min
Dan Straily Discusses His Journeyman Career
Show Details57min 59s
Bob Tewksbury Talks The Mental Side Of Baseball
Show Details1hr 17min
Gift Ngoepe On Growing Up Loving Baseball In South Africa
Show Details1hr 4min
Ty Kelly On The Art Of Being A Utility Man
Show Details1hr 20min
Brandon Wood Talks Mental Health, Being A 'Can't-Miss' Prospect & More
Show Details1hr 9min
A.J. Achter Goes From The 46th Round To The Big Leagues
Show Details59min 4s
Tim Dillard Talks The Secret To Being A Great Clubhouse Guy, Sidearming & More (Ep. 17)
Show Details1hr 2min
Russ Ortiz Talks World Series Heartbreak, Strike-Throwing, MLB Food & More
Show Details1hr 22min
What It's Like To Play In The World Series
Show Details32min
Will Venable On Baseball, Basketball & Life In The Ivy League (Ep. 15)
Show Details1hr 3min
Billy Butler Talks Bat Control, The Big Leagues & More (Ep. 14)
Show Details1hr 3min
Cody Decker On Crash Davis Comparisons, Minor League Stardom (Ep. 13)
Show Details1hr 34min
Brett Lorin On How To Know Whether To Transfer (Ep. 12)
Show Details56min 51s
OF Brandon Guyer Talks Playing In A World Series (Ep. 11)
Show Details1hr 8min
RHP Carter Capps On His Delivery, Betting On Himself & Chasing A Dream (Ep. 10)
Show Details1hr 2min
3B Richie Shaffer Talks Confidence, First Round Expectations (Ep. 9)
Show Details1hr 13min
LHP Zack Dodson's Winding Path Through Pro Baseball (Ep. 8)
Show Details1hr 24min
Lane Adams On Approaching Baseball As A Multi-Sport Athlete (Ep. 7)
Show Details1hr 13min
Players Share Their Favorite MLB Draft Stories
Show Details38min 2s
PART 2: MLB righty Chad Durbin
Show Details1hr 11min
ex-MLB RHP Chad Durbin (Ep. 6, Part 1)
Show Details1hr 25min
PART 2: RHP Robby Rowland
Show Details1hr 13min
RHP Robby Rowland (Ep. 5, Part 1)
Show Details1hr 20min
Former Rays Prospect Luke Bailey (Ep. 4)
Show Details1hr 17min
Two-Sport Star Josh Booty (Ep. 3)
Show Details1hr 17min
Former Nats Prospect J.P. Ramirez (Ep. 2)
Show Details1hr 47min
Ex-MLB Lefty Eric O'Flaherty
Show Details1hr 39min
TRAILER: Introducing 'From Phenom To The Farm'
Show Details2min 49s