Financial Dads

This podcast is for all the moms and dads out there who struggle with life’s topics as they are related to family and finances. Our hope is we can provide our thoughts, successes and mistakes and share them with all of you.

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Student Loans
Show Details46min 25s
The College Flight Plan
Show Details52min 47s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics
Show Details49min 28s
Kids, Careers, & Lessons Learned
Show Details48min 24s
Dave Ramsey - The Good, The Bad, and everything in Between
Show Details1hr 3min
Electric Cars
Show Details1hr 14min
Cost of Living Around the Country
Show Details52min 39s
Crypto Currency
Show Details50min 55s
Using Life Insurance to create Infinite Banking with Sarry Ibrahim
Show Details49min 54s
529 Plans (College Savings)
Show Details46min 13s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics
Show Details1hr 2min
Reverse Mortgages
Show Details40min 50s
Pay Off Your Mortgage - Revisited
Show Details1hr
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A - #6
Show Details46min 33s
Credit Building and Monitoring
Show Details51min 38s
Generational Wealth
Show Details42min 4s
Individual Investing; Lessons Learned from Gamestop
Show Details41min 22s
Financial Resolutions for the New Year
Show Details52min 28s
Financial Chat With Guest Eric Brotman
Show Details55min 26s
Home Buying Within Your Means (Encore Episode)
Show Details36min 30s
Single Family Incomes with Paul Becker
Show Details58min 38s
Healthcare in our Golden Years
Show Details45min 29s
Mortgage Basics with Will Powell
Show Details59min 42s
401k Basics
Show Details49min 15s
Empty Nesting
Show Details1hr 7min
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A - #5
Show Details50min 32s
The FIRE Movement (Financial Independence, Retire Early)
Show Details52min 45s
Raising Daughters - Sweet 16 Parties, College, & Weddings with Joe Tassone Jr.
Show Details1hr 9min
Assembling a Winning Financial Team
Show Details47min 52s
Financial Dads Trailer
Show Details31s
Personal and Professional Achievement with Marcy Strauss Axelrod
Show Details54min 31s
Side Businesses with Guest Co-Host Paul Becker
Show Details58min 15s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A - #4
Show Details40min 19s
Expensive Hobbies
Show Details42min 25s
Back To School (Encore Episode)
Show Details41min 31s
Home Maintenance - Protect and Respect
Show Details52min 2s
The High Cost of Kids Sports
Show Details56min 58s
Family Vacations (Encore Episode)
Show Details41min 54s
The Mortgage Payoff (Encore Episode)
Show Details25min 50s
An Interview with Greg Roedersheimer
Show Details47min 34s
An Interview with Peter Shankman!
Show Details40min 25s
Financial Advice for our Graduates! - College Graduates
Show Details42min 24s
Don’t Retire, Graduate! With Guest Eric Brotman
Show Details38min 8s
Financial Advice for our Graduates! - High School Graduates
Show Details44min 37s
Inheritances - Who gets grandma’s yellow pie plate?
Show Details41min 57s
Corona Virus Lessons Learned - 3 months inside
Show Details34min 43s
Starting a Family
Show Details48min 48s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A with Will Powell
Show Details45min 25s
Lessons of Entrepreneurship with Joe Tassone
Show Details43min 45s
Our 50th Episode - Our Best Of
Show Details40min 58s
Planning for summer financially during the Corona Virus pandemic
Show Details46min 28s
Credit Card Payment Strategies
Show Details39min 18s
Picking a Financial Advisor
Show Details45min 24s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A - #2
Show Details44min 7s
Corona Virus Financial Planning and Preparedness - Part 3
Show Details43min 3s
Corona Virus Financial Planning and Preparedness - Part 2
Show Details41min 15s
Corona Virus Financial Planning and Preparedness - Part 1
Show Details39min 25s
Reddit Personal Finance Random Topics Q&A
Show Details37min 55s
Life in the Age of the Coronavirus
Show Details49min 9s
When We Were 40
Show Details40min 53s
Questionable Financial Products
Show Details36min 3s
Wills and Estate Planning
Show Details34min 49s
Getting Ready for Tax Season
Show Details38min 48s
Real Estate Investing
Show Details37min 33s
Home Mortgage Refinancing
Show Details44min 4s
Budgeting Secrets
Show Details37min 4s
Major Home Renovations
Show Details38min 57s
Life Insurance (Part 2)
Show Details33min 10s
The Cost of Your Health
Show Details38min 31s
Condos and Co-Ops
Show Details40min 26s
The Thin Line between Savings and Enjoying Life
Show Details31min 21s
Show Details34min 14s
Hidden Costs of Home Ownership
Show Details35min 3s
Thankfulness and Charity
Show Details34min 9s
Home Buying within your Means
Show Details34min 9s
Needs Vs. Wants
Show Details30min 51s
Financial Panic
Show Details29min 6s
Family Vacations
Show Details35min 59s
Financial Tools and Apps
Show Details36min 11s
College Savings - Part Deux
Show Details27min 56s
Automobiles - Buy vs. Lease
Show Details32min 35s
Holiday Financial Planning
Show Details35min 8s
Grocery Shopping
Show Details35min 9s
Financial Discipline
Show Details34min 19s
Micro Budgeting
Show Details30min 32s
Home Buying
Show Details29min 19s
Back To School
Show Details40min 16s
Show Details30min 40s
Kids & Money
Show Details28min 54s
Financial Pitfalls
Show Details27min 26s
Money & Marriage
Show Details28min 8s
Pay Yourself First
Show Details25min
Home Budgets
Show Details25min 34s
Life Insurance
Show Details21min 37s
Paying Down Debt & Credit Cards
Show Details29min 16s
Home Improvements & Home Repairs
Show Details26min 22s
Show Details29min 9s
Paying for College
Show Details23min 30s
The Mortgage Payoff
Show Details22min 34s