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The Bible For Normal People

The Bible for Normal People is hosted by Peter Enns and Jared Byas


Episode 213: Amanda Held Opelt - The Honesty of Grief
Show Details49min 38s
Episode 212: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Numbers
Show Details57min 38s
Episode 211: David P. Gushee - Christian Ethics & the Memory of Jesus
Show Details46min 28s
Episode 210: Sidnie White Crawford - What You Really Need to Know about the Dead Sea Scrolls
Show Details48min 26s
Episode 209: Jared Byas - Making of the Modern Mindset, Part 4
Show Details43min 14s
Episode 208: David Farrier - What's Going On With Megachurches?
Show Details45min 40s
Episode 207: Pete Enns & Jared Byas - Respecting the Bible for What It Is (And Isn’t)
Show Details40min 38s
Episode 206: Dale C. Allison - Approaching the Resurrection of Jesus as a Historian
Show Details46min 52s
Episode 205: Amy Kenny - My Body Is Not a Prayer Request
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 204: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Leviticus
Show Details1hr 13min
Episode 203: Andre Henry - Systemic Racism in the Church
Show Details43min 8s
Episode 202: Jeff Chu - Grief as a Biblical Practice (Reissue)
Show Details48min 10s
Episode 201: Debra Rienstra - Eco-Theology: Beyond Stewardship
Show Details50min 44s
Episode 200: Pete Enns & Jared Byas - Does the Bible Still Matter?
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 199: Becca Stevens - Reimagining Scripture for a Suffering World
Show Details41min 44s
Episode 198: Anna Sieges - The Minor Prophets and Why We Shouldn't Call Them That
Show Details45min 24s
Episode 197: Jared Byas - Making of the Modern Mindset, Part 3
Show Details31min 58s
Episode 196: Chris Hoklotubbe - The Bible and Native American Spirituality
Show Details44min 32s
Episode 195: Gary Rendsburg - History and the Exodus
Show Details45min 26s
Episode 194: Pete Enns - Staying Christian Is Hard, Isn't It?
Show Details48min 4s
Episode 193: Lisa Sharon Harper - The Meaning of the Image of God
Show Details56min 38s
Episode 192: Bishop Michael Curry - Love Makes Room for Us All
Show Details50min 6s
Episode 191: Pete & Jared - Creative Interpretation as Necessary
Show Details50min 16s
Episode 190: Austin Channing Brown - Preaching the Bible in the Black Church (Reissue)
Show Details42min 2s
Episode 189: Pete Enns - Faith and the New Normal
Show Details53min 36s
Episode 188: Willie James Jennings - The Book of Acts & the Acts of the Spirit
Show Details46min 14s
Episode 187: Kirsten Powers - How Grace Saves Us
Show Details53min 46s
Episode 186: Jared Byas - Making of the Modern Mindset, Part 2
Show Details38min 42s
Episode 185: Randy Woodley - Following Jesus as a Native Traditionalist
Show Details38min 54s
Episode 184: Heather Macumber - Monsters in the Bible
Show Details44min 46s
Episode 183: Jennifer Bashaw - What Did the Crucifixion Do?
Show Details47min 56s
Episode 182: Pete & Jared - The Evolution of Adam
Show Details51min 54s
Episode 181: Kate Bowler - The Prosperity Gospel & a Theology of Suffering
Show Details41min 50s
Episode 180: Brian K. Blount - Revelation for Today
Show Details45min 50s
Episode 179: Paul Deal - Integrating Faith and Psychology
Show Details57min 42s
Episode 178: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Isaiah
Show Details1hr 9min
Episode 177: Obery M. Hendricks, Jr. - Social Justice & the Radical Gospel
Show Details46min 32s
Episode 176: Jared Byas - The Making of the Modern Mindset, Pt. 1
Show Details34min 8s
Episode 175: Jodi Magness - The Jesus of Archaeology
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 174: Brian McLaren - The Four Stages of Faith
Show Details52min 6s
Episode 173: Cheryl B. Anderson - The Ethical Impact of Biblical Interpretation
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 172: Pete Enns - A Whole Different Way of Reading Genesis
Show Details49min 26s
Episode 171: Ted Lewis - The Origins of God
Show Details50min 6s
Episode 170: Kristin Kobes Du Mez - A Modern Church History of Toxic Masculinity
Show Details42min 8s
Episode 169: Pete & Jared - The Bible and the "Problem of History"
Show Details47min 4s
Episode 168: Xavier Pickett - When Did White Christian America Lose Its Mind? (Reissue)
Show Details47min 36s
Episode 167: Joshua Harris - A Story of Public Deconstruction
Show Details39min 14s
Episode 166: Matthew Paul Turner - Teaching God to Our Kids
Show Details47min 26s
Episode 165: Stephanie Tait - Disability Theology is for Everyone
Show Details47min 28s
Episode 164: Pete Enns - Where Did Our Bible Come From?
Show Details52min 40s
Episode 163: Tripp Fuller - Thinking About Jesus Today
Show Details50min 8s
Episode 162: Jared & Sarah Byas - Parenting in a Faith Transition
Show Details40min 50s
Episode 161: Amanda Mbuvi - Finding Ourselves in the Stories of the Bible
Show Details46min 22s
Episode 160: Pete and Jared - The Risk of an "Errant" Bible
Show Details47min 16s
Episode 159: Richard Elliott Friedman - Who Wrote the Pentateuch?
Show Details46min 58s
Episode 158: Maria Doerfler - Reading the Bible in Times of Crisis
Show Details46min 34s
Episode 157: Nadia Bolz-Weber - Being a Christian in the Messiness
Show Details53min 30s
Episode 156: Pete and Jared - Your Questions About Prayer, Marriage, White Jesus, an Angry God, and a Murky Bible
Show Details43min 48s
Episode 155: Sarah Bessey - Why Bother Praying?
Show Details40min 40s
Episode 154: Amy-Jill Levine and Marc Brettler - How Jews & Christians Read the Bible Differently
Show Details50min 24s
Episode 153: James Kugel - Shifting Perspectives on God in the Bible
Show Details52min 48s
Episode 152: Pete Enns - What Makes Christianity Different?
Show Details49min 52s
Episode 151: 2020 - Let's Not and Say We Did
Show Details45min 4s
Episode 150: Christopher Rollston - Where Does Hebrew Come From?
Show Details44min 2s
Episode 149: Dan Koch - The End Times & American Christian Culture
Show Details48min 56s
Episode 148: Pete Enns - Adam, Evangelicalism, & the Metanarrative of Evolution
Show Details42min 24s
Episode 147: Benjamin D. Sommer - Does God Have a Body?
Show Details1hr 2min
Episode 146: Jared Byas - Rediscovering Jonah - Part 3
Show Details37min 4s
Episode 145: Emilie Townes - The Wisdom of Hope
Show Details41min 44s
Episode 144: Austen Hartke - The Bible & the Lives of Transgender Christians (REISSUE)
Show Details43min 22s
Episode 143: Martha Himmelfarb - Second Temple Judaism & Apocalyptic Literature
Show Details47min 42s
Episode 142: Jared Byas - Rediscovering Jonah - Part 2
Show Details30min 20s
Episode 141: John Franke - God Is On a Mission and So Can You
Show Details50min 4s
BONUS Episode: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott - What Archaeologists Do & Why it Matters
Show Details46min 44s
Episode 140: Paula Fredriksen - When Christians Were Jews
Show Details57min 30s
Episode 139: Pete Enns - You Have Questions, Pete Has Answers
Show Details48min 42s
Episode 138: Pete & Jared - How Love Changes the Meaning of the Bible
Show Details56min 16s
Episode 137: James Kugel - Challenging Our Assumptions About the Bible
Show Details52min 16s
Episode 136: Ariel Sabar - Telling the Truth About Jesus' Wife
Show Details52min 2s
Episode 135: Gary Anderson - How the Bible Talks About Sin
Show Details52min 4s
Episode 134: Ilia Delio - Grounding God in Evolution
Show Details56min 52s
Episode 133: Pete Enns - The Book of Job
Show Details51min 16s
Episode 132: Joe Gordon - A Conversation About Inspiration
Show Details45min 36s
Episode 131: Pete & Jared - Did the Bible Get it Wrong?
Show Details53min 58s
Episode 130: Drew Hart - The Bible, Race, & White Supremacy (REISSUE)
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 129: Brooke Prentis - Reading the Bible Through Aboriginal Eyes
Show Details43min 36s
Episode 128: Matthias Henze - The Bible & Second Temple Judaism
Show Details48min 16s
Episode 127: Miguel De La Torre - Diverse Voices in Biblical Scholarship
Show Details50min 18s
Episode 126: Kirsten Powers - The Journey To Grace
Show Details56min 14s
Episode 125: Pete Enns - Big Ideas that Shaped Biblical Scholarship: Julius Wellhausen and the Pentateuch
Show Details48min 38s
Episode 124: Yii-Jan Lin - Immigration & the Book of Revelation
Show Details46min 54s
Episode 123: Jared Byas - Rediscovering Jonah - Part 1
Show Details43min 46s
Episode 122: Emerson Powery - The Bible as a Source of Liberation
Show Details46min
Episode 121: Pete and Jared - Pete and Jared Talk About the Afterlife
Show Details41min 56s
Episode 120: Jack Levison - The Spirit, Wind, & Breath of God in the Bible
Show Details39min 56s
Episode 119: Xavier Ramey - Diversity, Social Justice, and the Gospel
Show Details53min 32s
Episode 118: Meghan Henning - Does Hell Exist?
Show Details49min 46s
Episode 117: Pete Enns - Reading the Old Testament Christotelicly
Show Details1hr 36min
Episode 116: Sarah Ruden - Getting Inside the Head of Paul & Jesus
Show Details46min 42s
Episode 115: Alison Cook - Your Emotions Are Not Your Spiritual Enemy
Show Details48min 6s
Episode 114: Pete and Jared - How to Read the Bible in 2020
Show Details51min 40s
Episode 113: James Martin - The Gift of Imagination in Reading Scripture
Show Details44min 14s
Season 4 Teaser
Show Details4min 58s
Episode 112: Pete and Jared - How “How the Bible Actually Works” Works
Show Details46min 16s
Episode 111: Tom Oord - Uncontrolling Love of God
Show Details45min 18s
Episode 110: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 6)
Show Details51min 8s
Episode 109: Megan DeFranza - The Bible and Intersex Believers
Show Details48min 16s
Episode 108: Pete Wehner - Faith, Politics, & Polarization
Show Details53min 2s
Episode 107: Cindy Wang Brandt - Raising Children in the Faith
Show Details46min 50s
Episode 106: Jared Byas - 5 Principles for Biblical Interpretation
Show Details38min 6s
Episode 105: Wil Gafney - Womanist Midrash (Reissue)
Show Details40min 24s
Episode 104: Jeff Chu - Grief As A Biblical Practice
Show Details49min 20s
Episode 103: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 5)
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 102: Jonathan Martin - Pentecostalism as Mysticism
Show Details46min 30s
Episode 101: Andrew Perriman - Does the New Testament Predict the Future?
Show Details54min 8s
Episode 100: Pete & Jared on Genesis
Show Details47min 46s
Episode 99: Jennifer Knust - The Bible As A Living Document
Show Details49min 6s
Episode 98: Pete Holmes - Pete Holmes Talks About Comedy, Sex, & God
Show Details55min 50s
Episode 97: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus: Part 4
Show Details56min 32s
Episode 96: Jared Byas - Christian Ethics
Show Details31min 44s
Episode 95: Cheryl Bridges Johns - The Bible & Women’s Spirituality
Show Details47min 42s
Episode 94: Pete & Jared - Do We Know God is Good From the Bible?
Show Details44min 42s
Episode 93: Keesmaat & Walsh - Resisting Empire in the Book of Romans
Show Details48min 44s
Episode 92: AJ Levine - Jesus, Judaism, & Christianity (REISSUE)
Show Details48min 24s
Episode 91: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 3)
Show Details1hr 15min
Episode 90: Richard Rohr - The (Biblical) Universal Christ
Show Details1hr
Episode 89: Pete and Jared - David’s Sordid Past: This Ain’t No Kids Story
Show Details52min 22s
Episode 88: Rachel Held Evans - Reading The Bible Creatively
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 87: Robert Alter - The Art of Translating the Bible
Show Details55min
Episode 86: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 2)
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 85: Austen Hartke - The Bible & The Lives of Transgender Christians
Show Details44min 54s
Episode 84: Jared Byas - Paul is Frustrating: On Fornication & Wives Obeying Husbands in Colossians
Show Details33min 14s
Episode 83: Judy Stack - The Gospel of Matthew on Integrity & Hypocrisy
Show Details49min 54s
Episode 82: Linda Kay Klein - Breaking Free From Purity Culture
Show Details52min 22s
Episode 81: Pete & Jared - Truth is Subjective . . . Even in the Bible
Show Details39min 20s
Episode 80: Jonathan Walton - Reading the Bible Through the Lens of Love
Show Details47min 8s
Episode 79: Austin Channing Brown - Preaching the Bible in the Black Church
Show Details43min 42s
Episode 78: Pete Enns - Pete Ruins Exodus (Part 1)
Show Details45min 48s
Episode 77: Elizabeth Enns Petters - Anxiety in the Life of Faith
Show Details37min 4s
Episode 76: Xavier Pickett - So When Did White Christian America Lose Its Mind?
Show Details48min 54s
Episode 75: Rhonda Burnette-Bletsch - The Bible & Film
Show Details44min 26s
Episode 74: Pete & Jared - God’s Children Tell the Story
Show Details43min 48s
Episode 73: Propaganda - What Does Christian Art Even Mean?
Show Details47min 6s
Season 3 Teaser
Show Details3min 22s
Episode 72: What Is the Bible & What Do We Do with It: Season 2 Recap
Show Details40min 24s
Episode 71: Brad Jersak - The Bible And Orthodox Faith
Show Details42min 6s
Episode 70: Pete Enns - TGC Doesn’t Really Get Progressive Christianity and Atheism
Show Details55min 8s
Episode 69: Daniel Kirk - Five Things You Need to Know About the Gospel of Mark
Show Details51min 18s
Episode 68: Trey Pearson - Hey Jesus
Show Details49min 11s
Episode 67: Jonathan Merritt - Re-imagining Sacred Speech
Show Details52min 30s
Episode 66: Jared Byas - The Book of Jeremiah
Show Details32min 37s
Episode 65: Kent Sparks - Where Did the Israelites Come From?
Show Details58min 20s
Episode 64: Kevin Makins - Reading the Bible Toward Unity Not Uniformity
Show Details53min 18s
Episode 63: Pete Enns - What Does the Bible Have to Say about Politics—American or Otherwise?
Show Details52min 8s
Episode 62: Brent Strawn - A Gentle Reminder that the Old Testament is Part of Our Bible and You Can't Avoid It
Show Details48min 18s
Episode 61: Pete & Jared - Creeds, Confessions & Statements of Belief
Show Details45min 2s
Episode 60: Mark Smith - Who Is Yahweh & Where Did Yahweh Come From?
Show Details54min 55s
Episode 59: Jared Byas - How to Talk to People You Disagree With
Show Details31min 28s
Episode 58: Bill Schniedewind - When and Why the Bible Was Written
Show Details50min 1s
Episode 57: LIVE from Wild Goose
Show Details48min 32s
Episode 56: Pete Enns - Evangelicals and the Problem of the Old Testament
Show Details45min 46s
Episode 55: Rachel Held Evans - Unraveling and Re-Raveling the Bible (from Season 1)
Show Details47min 38s
Episode 54: Jared & Pete - Q & A
Show Details41min 12s
Episode 53: Sarah Bessey - Connecting The Holy Spirit & The Holy Bible
Show Details38min 43s
Episode 52: Pete Enns - Ecclesiastes
Show Details1hr 4min
Episode 51: Jamie Wright - Jesus, Justice & the Mission Field
Show Details40min 16s
Episode 50: Rob Bell - What is the Bible?
Show Details46min 40s
Episode 49: Pete & Jared - Critical Thinking
Show Details47min 42s
Episode 48: Jeffrey Stackert - Who Wrote the Pentateuch?
Show Details54min 6s
Episode 47: Audrey Assad - Deconverting From Certainty
Show Details47min 18s
Episode 46: Wil Gafney - Womanist Midrash
Show Details42min 26s
Episode 45: Pete Enns - Romans for Normal People
Show Details1hr 1min
Episode 44: Craig Allert - Where Did the New Testament Come From?
Show Details44min 8s
Episode 43: Jared Byas - Is the Bible True?
Show Details29min 40s
Episode 42: Barbara Brown Taylor - How the Bible is Curated
Show Details43min 26s
Episode 41: William Paul Young - Reimagining the God of the Bible
Show Details48min 34s
Episode 40: Richard Rohr - A Contemplative Look at The Bible
Show Details1hr
Episode 39: Understanding Deuteronomy & the Story of Israel's Kings
Show Details59min 22s
Episode 38: Peter Rollins - The Bible as a Sacred Object
Show Details51min 32s
Episode 37: Cynthia Shafer-Elliott - What Archaeologists Do & Why It Matters
Show Details46min 44s
Episode 36: Pete Enns - 7 Things You Need to Know about How the Book of Proverbs Works
Show Details48min 52s
Episode 35: Brian McLaren - The Bible As A Weapon
Show Details49min 24s
Episode 34: Jen Hatmaker - Changing Your Mind About the Bible: A Survivor's Guide
Show Details46min 46s
Season 2 Teaser
Show Details2min 21s
Episode 33: Pete and Jared - What Is The Bible & What Do We Do With It?
Show Details42min 16s
Episode 32: Carolyn Custis James - Moving Beyond Patriarchy
Show Details46min 11s
Episode 31: The Bible For Normal People: LIVE From Penn State University
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 30: Pete Enns - Taking a Shot at Divine Violence
Show Details55min 31s
Episode 29: Anthony Le Donne - The Gospels as Memories of Jesus
Show Details52min 30s
Episode 28: Greg Boyd - Jesus & Divine Violence
Show Details48min 48s
Episode 27: Pete and Jared - Authority, Revelation, and Inspiration
Show Details51min 38s
Episode 26: Drew Hart - The Bible, Race, and White Supremacy
Show Details45min 46s
Episode 25: Jared Byas - Jonah
Show Details35min 43s
Episode 24: Nyasha Junior - Womanist Biblical Interpretation
Show Details46min 49s
Episode 23: Beverly Gaventa - What is The Book of Romans Trying To Do?
Show Details49min 33s
Episode 22: Pete Enns - 5 Things Jesus Wants You to Know about the Adam Story
Show Details51min 6s
Episode 21: Jon D. Levenson - Resurrection in the Hebrew Bible
Show Details58min 48s
Episode 20: Diana Butler Bass - Reading the Bible as an Experience & Relationship
Show Details58min 22s
Episode 19: Megan DeFranza - The Bible and Intersex Believers
Show Details49min 16s
Episode 18: Jared Byas - Taking the Bible Seriously But Not Literally
Show Details34min 51s
Episode 17: Denis Lamoureux - The Bible, Evolution, & Christian Faith
Show Details47min 6s
Episode 16: Ellen Davis - What is the Practical Value of the Old Testament?
Show Details53min 6s
Episode 15: Brian Zahnd - Violence in the Bible and What to Do with It
Show Details50min 53s
Episode 14: Matthew Vines - The Bible and The Gay Christian
Show Details52min 10s
Episode 13: Marc Brettler - On Being a Jewish Biblical Scholar
Show Details45min 16s
Episode 12: Pete Enns and Jared Byas - Faith and Doubt: No, You're Not the Only One
Show Details46min 12s
Episode 11: Benjamin D. Sommer - Jewish Views on the Bible
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 10: Pete Enns - The Israelites Believed in Many Gods.
Show Details41min 42s
Episode 9: Daniel Kirk - Understanding The Human Jesus
Show Details56min 57s
Episode 8: Kent Sparks - Where Did the Israelites Come From?
Show Details58min 53s
Episode 7: Pete Enns and Jared Byas - Teaching the Bible to Your Children
Show Details45min 56s
Episode 6: AJ Levine - Jesus, Judaism, and Christianity
Show Details49min 11s
Episode 5: Mike McHargue - That Topic that Isn't Going Anywhere Anytime Soon: Science and the Bible.
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 4: Walter Brueggemann - Resurrecting the Bible in The Mainline Church
Show Details42min 34s
Episode 3: Rachel Held Evans - Unraveling and Re-Raveling the Bible
Show Details51min 6s
Episode 2: Richard Rohr - A Contemplative Look at The Bible
Show Details1hr
Episode 1: Rob Bell - What Is The Bible?
Show Details49min 23s
Introduction, with Pete Enns and Jared Byas
Show Details6min 50s