Recharging Batteries: Wellbeing is not a Weekend Job

Episode 5
32m | Jul 6, 2021

On this episode we discuss why it is so important that we don’t postpone our personal life and relaxation to weekends and vacation. Lucie goes on a rant about people who pretend they can be productive during 80+ hour workweeks. No more glorification of being the first and last in the office! And Bini shares some great tips and hacks that we can all include into our busy work days to allow for mini-vacation-moments that will sustain a healthy, happy and successful life in the long run.

Please share your tips and opinions with us - and do let us know if you know someone who is a leader at prioritizing rest and recuperation in order to sustain wellbeing and productivity. As always you can reach us on Instagram and Facebook @successandotherlies or you can send an email at

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