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The Razor

The Razor cuts through the fat to get to the heart of the issue. News from around the world through an unbiased libertarian perspective. Wisdom for learning internal freedom. Tips for maintaining external liberty and building self-reliance. Freedom inside and out!


Two Monks
Show Details10min 41s
Identity and Power
Show Details13min 42s
New Lockdown Restrictions
Show Details21min 52s
Good News! The Dystopia is Here!
Show Details15min 28s
Hong Kong, Lockdowns, and Papers
Show Details29min 15s
A Tale of Water and Ice
Show Details15min 59s
Value Scale and Masks
Show Details26min 13s
Just a Mask
Show Details5min
200,000 Deaths
Show Details32min 5s
Welcome to The Razor
Show Details4min 38s