Aashna on Bullying & Body Acceptance

35m | Jan 19, 2021

Content Warning: Bullying

From a young age, Aashna faced insecurities about her appearance and her body, feelings exacerbated by bullying and unwanted comments from peers in Jamatkhana, in addition to media and its unachievable beauty standards. It wasn't long before Aashna realized that her environment was negatively impacting her mental health, and she had to make a change.

Aashna embarked on a journey to body acceptance (not 'body positivity'). She learned to make difficult decisions about which individuals she needed to leave behind and which habits and practices worked well for her and her mental health. 

Aashna shares how she has since learned to prioritize herself, find people who lift her up, and nurture her mental wellbeing. She shares her tips with us, as well as the important difference between body positivity and body acceptance. 

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