Tazim on IVF and its Physical & Mental Challenges

37m | Dec 22, 2020

For the third episode of our motherhood series, we bring you a powerful story surrounding IVF and the challenges that accompany this process.

At first, Tazim wasn't sure whether motherhood was right for her. She had a career and a life that she loved, and didn’t know if children were in the cards. Once she did decide that she wanted to be a parent, she wasn't able to get pregnant right away. She then pursued In Vitro Fertilization.

In addition to the physical toll that IVF takes on the body, Tazim dives into the challenges that we don't often hear about. She shares how she had to tell her boss and all-male team at work that she would be late everyday due to her doctor's appointments. She shares how she pursued therapy to help her decide if she wanted to put her body through IVF a second time to give her son a sibling. She shares her internal conflict when deciding what to do with her embryos still in storage.

Tazim's story is not uncommon, but it is often not discussed. We hope her story educates and inspires our listeners.

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