Nureen on her Partner's Conversion into Islam

33m | Sep 8, 2020

In part 3 of our interfaith series, Nureen discusses her previously interfaith (now same-faith) and interracial marriage. Her partner, Akil, is Trinidadian and converted to Islam and joined the Ismaili community.

Nureen candidly shares what the conversion journey was like for them and the challenges they had to overcome throughout. She dives into the impact that Akil's embrace of Islam had and continues to have on her relationship and marriage, and what initially drew Akil to the Ismaili faith and the Ismaili Muslim community. Plus, she shares how Akil has now integrated into the Ismaili community.

Note: Nureen makes references to ITREB throughout this conversation. ITREB is an Ismaili institution that oversees the conversion process and curriculum.

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