Double Unboxing Day Special! Valve Steam Deck & Oculus Quest 2! - Ep 15

Episode 15
2h 10m | May 4, 2022

And we’re back! PAX East forced us to take a bit of a break, all with the aim of creating a mini Pax East VR Documentary!

We open the show catching up, which casually leads into dgtlhrt poorly retelling a Norm MacDonald story which of course leads to pulling up Jim Breuer’s original telling of the story. We then take a peak at the actual SNL bit referenced in the story, classic Norm!

We watch some rando vids, talk whatever nonsense pops up. This leads to a rabbit hole of WWE 2K22 custom match videos we find… Mostly starring celebrities. We start with Tell ‘Em Steve Dave 3 way fight which is incredible quality, and then stumble down the rabbit hole to Trailer Park Boys (Green Bastard for the win!) and further still to Ronald McDonald fighting a Ninja Turtle amongst a flurry of others.

All of this is just chilling, having fun until we get to the main event: DOUBLE UNBOXING SPECIAL! Dgtlhrt got his hands on a fresh Steam Deck from Valve, we enjoy opening this glorious product and bask in its glory.

To make it even more interesting, dgtlhrt busts out a Quest 2 he’s had in his closet since release day (October 2020), almost 2 years of it just sitting there with a plethora of accessories (Widmo VR lens inserts, VRCover foam replacement, Elite Strap) and even install the Elite strap on stream!

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