Let Me Do My Work - Ep 10

Episode 10
2h 2m | Mar 2, 2022

We recap our first episode of the “Live from the Metaverse!” series. Vaguely hint about our first guest next week. Mention Opie & Anthony’s Trainwreck radio. Kaz picked up some Quest accessories, we talk some VR comfort tips. Kaz finally played Half Life Alyx! We talk how rad the liquid shader aka booze shader in Alyx is thanks to Mathew Wilde. Kaz first adventures in Steam Vr & Population One talk, new map coming soon. Dgtlhrt celebrates achieving a year long goal of reaching top 20 global for the last season of Lonely Mountain Downhill, coming in at 19th in the world. Then proceeds to give Kaz tips as we learn he’s been playing the game secretly the entire podcast lol. 

Shout out Ultimate Rich for great Lonely Mountain streams. Kaz then starts playing Getting over it with Bennett Foddy. Quick Elden Ring talk, none of us have got it yet. We talk about Steam Next Fest indie demos esp VR Noid. BillDance talks Green Hell, Hubris & Hyper Hook. Annapurna’s Neon White demo discussed. Neodash is like Rocket League and Distance. BillDance played Crossfire Legion. We show an epic Henry Rollins rant from the classic film Johnny Mnemonic, BillDance recs Arcane.

Shane from Love is Blind season 2 is basically a Chris Distefano doppelgänger. We talk about Brendan Schaub & the new Howard Stern effect, all his podcasts, Haters etc and dgtlhrt talks about one of his top 5 favs Theo Von. Live your life as if you’ve already made all your mistakes, dig yourself out of a hole. Do you say Orangutang??? Or orangutan? A rang a tang. Mandela effect? We end on distasteful prank vid discussion ft. Dobre brothers, ugh. 

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