Choose Chaos - Chris Rock Live in Boston - Ep 13

Episode 13
1h 30m | Apr 6, 2022

Welp! We couldn't help discussing the big slap as dgtlhrt had the privilege of getting to see Chris Rock live in Boston only days after the infamous incident.

The boys start off discussing any bad podcast habits, repeated words or ticks as we get more comfortable actually being podcasters. Then a bit of banter about equipment, mechanical keyboards & our shared love of boom arms. Shout out Rode, Elgato & NZXT!

Kaz is sporting a sweet new T, Threat Level Orange, repping Idubbbz new doc. Which leads in to a pretty lengthy discussion about the upcoming CREATOR CLASH! We then discuss Idubbbz latest doc, Sam Hyde’s initial doc, and the rivalry between Idubbbz and Ricegum (and what’s a Ricegum?) How it all led to the creation of Creator Clash! We will definitely be doing a podcast dedicated to the Clash once it broadcasts, we’ll keep you posted! Forget Kafkaesque, we're talkin' Kaufmanesque.

What brought us to YouTube back in the day? Idubbbz (and a few other early creators) creating fantastic content in a sea of garbage, proving there is immense value in YouTube content, you just got to find it.

We look at a weird channel Meat Canyon, wild stuff! Realize it’s April Fool’s day, nothing special to report this year, 2022 doesn’t seem to care about April Fool’s Day.

All this leads into the hot topic of the week, Chris Rock vs Will Smith. The only reason we even delve into this topic is because dgtlhrt got to see Chris Rock live in person in Boston only a few days post-slap. We talk about Rock’s live performance, how fantastic it was and the incredible support from the audience (aside from a few “incidents”), as well as talk about Chris Rock’s comments regarding the slap at his show (not much!... yet!)

We then look back at Celebrity Death Match Chris Rock vs Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. We go through old Chris Rock videos on Youtube and filter comments by “New” lol.

Dgtlhrt reviews the event, which was even covered by local news, and talks about Yondr phone pouches at live events. 

In-depth slap analysis for most of the second half of the podcast. We look at a bunch of different angles of footage of the slap, talk about the situation itself, the bigger situation. How Will Smith’s apology writer makes for a fantastic metal/screamo lyricist.

What happened? What should’ve happened? Why should’ve it not happened? Why should we not care? Why doesn’t any of it matter at all anyways!?

We look at a very interesting, peculiar TikTok released by Will Smith right before the event, where they claim to “Choose Chaos” and “Ruin everyone’s day”… Seems overlooked by most media outlets and is a pretty damning video in terms of hinting at some sort of pre-meditation.

We end on a light note with BillDance sharing some TikTok updates & he shares a wild April Fools “Gag” from a discord server he’s on.. to which dgtlhrt tries to curb only to fail which leads to a *Beep as well as an exasperated, bewildered podcaster.

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