Yannis Pappas Intro, Foil Venusaur, AI Pokemon & Elon Musk AI Day - Ep 21

Episode 21
1h 29m | Oct 5, 2022

We start off with a “screwed in kid” and hugely beloved comedian Yannis Pappas unknowingly providing us with a new introduction! Shout out to an amazing comedian and podcaster, check out his podcast: Long Days with Yannis Pappas (and join his Patreon!)

Quickly we take a look at a First Edition Pokemon Venusaur card which Kaz sent out a few weeks ago to be graded. He finally got it back and it’s off the charts at a respectable 2.5 grade (out of 10). We discuss the process of getting something officially graded and the current state of card collectibles, including the old Marvel Hologram cards. Kaz mentions one of the most pricey Pokemon cards to be the Black Orchid which we look further into.

This leads us to seeing if AI can generate Pokemon cards, which not surprisingly, it can! And it does a damn good job at it. We try 2 different AI generators to see their output and compare, then play with the idea of creating a new playing card set generated entirely by AI! Why not!?

We take a quick look at the website, which will allow you to search the repositories certain AIs are using. We find Vive Report and confirm dgtlhrt is forever in the AI hive mind, unless of course he deletes the files from his host. Try searching for yourself, but don’t be scared if you find anything, it’s simply the internet scraped.

While recounting past AI stories to Kaz, BillDance points out the day we’re recording happens to be Elon Musk’s AI Day and we look at the humanoid robots he’ll be demoing during the presentation. Soon enough, we’re asking AI to generate humanoid robot versions of Elon Musk, how could we resist!?

We end things by looking at some of the new and very impressive “Small Homes” or “Modular Homes”, which dgtlhrt seems pretty set on purchasing eventually. We discuss how they are fireproof/ almost everything-proof, and how we might see these popping up in post-disaster areas, for instance Florida after the horrid damage from Hurricane Ian.

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