Pressure Sensitive: A Beginners Guide to VR - Ep 5

Episode 5
2h 0m | Jan 26, 2022

More VR and Quest talk. Vr controller and remapping custom bindings discussion. Pistol whip VR clever game mechanics implementation and weekly challenges discussed. Kaz loves BTS BeatSaber. More talk about custom map and mods (support Scoresaber on Patreon). Tons of the best free VR game recs, random game recs. Walk-About Mini Golf, Super Hot VR, Viveport Infinity, Zombieland VR, Google Earth, Tilt Brush, Open Brush, Blocks (goodbye google poly), Medium, Quill, The Lab, nVidia Funhouse, Gorilla Tag, RecRoomVR, Flipside (dgtlhrt talks about getting to work w TESD podcast and make animated videos all in VR). BillDance met Pendleton Ward in Anyland & Justin Roiland in Altspace. We praise Brian Redban for Virtual Redban and promoting vr on Joe Rogan Experience. Shout out Gingas & we show off some of her awesome TikTok vids. Ray Kurzweil & The Singularity. The 6th day movie, Would you kill a true AI or your AI-self? Dgtlhrt shows off his meteorite. BillDance is having an existential crisis & Kaz is self proclaimed “happy go lucky”. Water ring toss live stream and Kaz’s fidget spinners collection. Samurai Slaughter House, Pixel Ripped 1989 & 1995, God of War.

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