Death Traps - Ep 8

Episode 8
1h 48m | Feb 16, 2022

We start with a look at Jackass Forever, we recount old & new Jackass stunts & will it continue? Enduring pain. Dglthrt gets slammed by another snow storm. 90 Day jar farter update. Little girl flies away with giant kite & Adam Savage falls on treadmill, did these inspire Jackass? Random Snatch movie discussion “you like dags?”. What’s your favorite Brad Pitt movie? Fight Club underwear. Lost Ark game looks cool, BillDance quick review. We take a peak at Ghostwire Tokyo & Sifu (dgtlhrt is currently in love with Sifu). We then discuss Happy Wheels, Guts N’ Gory, Road Redemption, Lonely Mountains: Downhill which dgtlhrt is obsessed with & talks about spending the last year trying to get in the top 25 in a season, his goal is literally days away! Wipeout, MXC Most Extreme Challenge. Descenders Bike-Out map. Squid Game is Fall Guys is MXC is Jackass, etc.. Interpol (the band). Rock Band Beatles Paul McCartney story. We discuss doing an entire podcast in VR, starting with WalkAbout Mini-Golf, dgtlhrt shows off 2 trick shots. Golf + & TopGolf. New Space Debris mascot “Sadstronaut” debut! Kaz shows off Rocket League toy & Tomb Raider collectible.

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