New Timeline, Who Dis? LHC 7/5 RUN 3 - Ep 18

Episode 18
2h 12m | Jul 6, 2022

This week, as we celebrate Independence Day, we look at the Large Hadron Collider which is set to run a world record amount of energy on July 5th, 2022. We talk through the lighthearted “Mandela Effects” that we’ve already encountered, some say due to the LHC run from 2012. Of course, the internet is on edge waiting to see if this RUN 3 of the LHC brings yet another new branch to the timeline, or maybe nudges us back to our “Main Timeline”? No one knows, but we have fun speculating!

Along the way, we talk comedy, alt comedy in particular, from Tom Green classics to the Stella shorts then from the Whitest kids you Know to the Mighty Boosh and Old Greg (which we got claimed for so if you notice a 20 second gap, that’s Old Greg!)

We also discuss Oak Ridge, the home of the “Manhattan Project” which BillDance happens to live fairly close to, we all learn to our surprise! We dance around a few legendary instances in “conspiratorial history”, again all in good fun.

Tons more covered in this episode, even dgtlhrt showing off a Rock Juniper Bonsai tree named “Nebsy” to the new Nike Go Flyease shoe (which we already ordered a pair to check out for a future pod!) We’re talking about anything & everything ‘round here! Enjoy the Space Debris!

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