Baby Glasses - Ep 6

Episode 6
1h 36m | Feb 2, 2022

Kev plays Rust, drone talk, Windows updates break Nicks Valve Index/camera, glasses and prescription lens adapters for vr discussion (widmo vr, reloptix, vr lens lab, vr optician), Aztecs & Ancient Aliens. Vr apparitions, X-files “First Person Shooter”, William Gibson, The Sprawl, Neuromancer, Horizon Zero Dawn & VR mod, Horizon Forbidden West, Tombraider, No Man’s Sky, Horizon Call of The Mountain, vr frames look like baby glasses, expired glasses prescription like wtf & workaround, Warby Parker, Half Life Alyx & mods (Xenthug), gnome achievement (Gnome Chompski) Epic free games, h3 podcast Ethan Klein Alyx play through, Valve using Rhys Darby & Stephen Merchant, Our Flag Means Death, Moonbase 8, Tim Heidecker, Fred Armisen & John C. Reilly, dgtlhrt walks through & interrupts the filming of The Town, New Zealand the world’s sexiest accent (BillDance thinks the Boston Accent is), testing different platforms trailers if they’ll claim us, Righteous Gemstones, Danny McBride, Eric Andre, Legalize Everything & Bad Trip, Adam Devine, Game Over Man, Spun, Mythic Quest, AP Bio, Always Sunny Podcast, BillDance recommends VTOL & The Forest & Mike Bocchetti teaser.

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